11 Best True Crime YouTube Channels in 2023

True crime has evolved from a niche genre into a cultural phenomenon, gripping the attention of audiences around the world. With the rise of streaming platforms, the consumption of true crime content has reached an all-time high. In the U.S. alone, half of Americans say they enjoy the genre of true crime, including 13% who say it’s their favorite genre.

YouTube has become a hub for true crime enthusiasts, providing a platform for creators to delve into complex cases, share expert analysis, and connect with a community equally fascinated by the mysterious and the unexplained. From podcasts to documentaries, YouTube’s true crime channels offer something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned detective or just starting your investigative journey.

So why not take a deep dive into the world of true crime on YouTube? You might just find your new favorite channel or, at the very least, finally understand why your neighbor is so obsessed with forensic documentaries.

And hey, if you ever feel like you’re watching too much true crime content, just remember: It’s not a crime to be interested in crime!

1. JCS – 5.4M subscribers

This captivating YouTube channel offers a unique and insightful look into the world of criminal psychology. With a focus on high-profile criminal cases, it explains the psychological factors that drive criminal behavior, as well as the complex processes involved in solving and prosecuting these cases.

Through the use of audio recordings and interviews with individuals involved in these cases, this creator provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most fascinating criminal investigations in history. Each video is expertly crafted to provide a thorough analysis of the case.

With its engaging content and expert analysis, it is a must-watch for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the psychology behind criminal behavior.

2. ScareTheater – 1M subscribers

The channel focuses on the exploration and analysis of online mysteries, creepypastas, urban legends, unsolved mysteries and internet horror stories. ScareTheater elucidates the origins of popular memes, the history of obscure online communities, and the psychology behind the creation and dissemination of internet hoaxes.
Overall, ScareTheater is a great channel for those who enjoy exploring the darker corners of the internet.

3. Shrouded Hand – 700K subscribers

The channel is making weird and spooky content.
It explores mysterious and unexplained phenomena with a focus on ancient history, mythology, and the paranormal. This covers a wide range of topics including lost civilizations, UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. The channel’s content won’t disappoint you thanks to its attention to detail, in-depth research, and engaging storytelling.

4. Matt Orchard – 230K subscribers

His unique point of view and longer videos will always captivate viewers. Even if you already know the cases, Orchard’s videos still have you hooked the whole hour. His meticulous research is presented impartially while also being very entertaining.

5. Dreading – 700K subscribers

This channel produces excellent long form videos, thoroughly researched and very well edited / presented to deliver a thoughtful, respectful, and cohesive narrative.

Dreading is probably the closest to JCS in terms of quality or voice acting, with trial video footage and psychology analyzes.

6. Danielle Kirsty – 800K subscribers

This original channel discusses cases while she does her makeup. With her huge passion for True Crime and expertise from her Law & Criminology degree, Danielle likes to dive deep into the minds of the worst criminals in history.

7. MrBallen – 8M subscribers

After surviving a near-death experience in Afghanistan, John Allen turned to storytelling. The Navy SEAL, better known as MrBallen, discovered his passion for true crime. His channel narrates strange, dark and mysterious stories. These include shocking thrillers and unexplainable disappearances..

8. Euphobia – 160K subscribers

A channel creating horror and true crime videos, especially creepy content. Do you like stories of mysterious disappearance, the lives of the most evil people on earth and one in a million disasters? Well, you’re going to love it.

9. this is MONSTERS – 700K subscribers

This captivating YouTube channel delves into the complex world of real-life mysteries and human behavior. With a keen focus on understanding what drives individuals to make the worst choices, the channel explores well-researched cases through a lens that emphasizes psychological analysis.

Through interviews, expert opinions, and thorough research, “this is MONSTERS” offers a nuanced look into the factors that contributed to their dark actions, shedding light on the underlying motivations.

10. Eleanor Neale – 2.6M subscribers

Eleanor Neale is a British content creator who primarily focuses on true crime and mystery videos. The channel features a variety of content, including deep dives into famous criminal cases, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracy theories.

In addition to her true crime content, Eleanor also shares personal stories and vlogs about her life and experiences.

11. Criminally Listed – 1M subscribers

This popular YouTube channel offers a compelling exploration into real-life mysteries and unusual occurrences. Known for its well-researched content and methodical presentation, the channel provides viewers with an intriguing glimpse into some of history’s most perplexing events.

With a focus on the lesser-known and often overlooked aspects of various cases, “Criminally Listed” distinguishes itself by bringing unique perspectives and rare information to the forefront.

For anyone interested in the intricacies of real-life puzzles and a thoughtful examination of the unknown, “Criminally Listed” stands as a valuable resource and a must-watch channel in the realm of true crime on YouTube.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

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