Top 15 Most Subscribed Minecraft YouTubers in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube gaming channels, Minecraft YouTubers have carved a niche that resonates with millions around the globe. With its sandbox nature and infinite possibilities, Minecraft gameplay is a favorite canvas for influential gaming personalities.

Whether it’s building tutorials, Let’s Play videos, or mod showcases, these content creators have brought variety, innovation, and pure entertainment to the Minecraft community. Get your pickaxes ready as we dig deep into the list of the top subscribed Minecraft YouTubers.

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1. Mikecrack – 42M Subscribers

Content Language: Spanish

Topping the list, Mikecrack‘s channel is a testament to content variety, ranging from adventure maps to engaging collaborations. His undeniable popularity within the Minecraft community and fan engagement are unparalleled.

2. MrBeast Gaming – 37M Subscribers

Content Language: English

Branching from his main channel’s success, MrBeast Gaming, focuses primarily on Minecraft updates, challenges, and the occasional survival mode extravaganza. Talk about a powerhouse in the world of YouTube gaming channels!

3. Dream – 32M Subscribers

Content language: English

Dream is arguably one of the most popular Minecraft content creators today. His speedruns, manhunts, and ingenious redstone creations keep his fans glued to the screen.

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4. DanTDM – 27M Subscribers

Content language: English

With a mix of mod showcases and building tutorials, DanTDM is an old-school favorite. His approach to Minecraft gameplay has landed him a strong spot on this list.

5. SSundee – 22M Subscribers

Content language: English

SSundee thrives on content variety, diving deep into mod showcases, collaborations, and even Minecraft merchandise discussions.

6. ElTrollino – 20M Subscribers

Content Language: Spanish

A gem in the younger Minecraft community, ElTrollino dazzles with his block-building prowess. From Let’s Play videos to in-depth building tutorials, his content is both entertaining and enlightening.

7. Robin Hood Gamer – 20M Subscribers

Content language: Portuguese

Robin Hood Gamer brings a fresh perspective to the Minecraft gameplay genre. Known for his thrilling collaborations and mod showcases, he’s steadily risen through the ranks with consistent fan engagement.

8. PopularMMOs – 17M Subscribers

Content lnaguage: English

Living up to their name, PopularMMOs offers some of the most popular content in the Minecraft community. From epic battles to fan-favorite mod showcases, they’ve mastered the art of Minecraft entertainment. Additionally it is incredibly impressive for PopularMMOs to be this high on the list even when their last video was posted over 1 year ago.

9. EdisonPts – 15M Subscribers

Content language: Russian

EdisonPts has an authentic approach to Minecraft gameplay, often highlighting the intricacies of redstone creations and building techniques. His engaging content and gaming commentary have garnered him a loyal fanbase.

10. TazerCraft – 15M Subscribers

Content language: Portuguese

TazerCraft is more than just another Minecraft channel. Their unique blend of adventure maps, Let’s Play videos, and collaborations stands out, making them a crucial part of the Minecraft content creators’ landscape.

11. Jazzghost – 14M Subscribers

Content language: Portuguese

Jazzghost is a well-known Brazilian content creator who gained popularity through his YouTube channel focused on Minecraft. With his engaging personality and in-depth knowledge of the game, Jazzghost has become a beloved figure in the Minecraft community.

12. Minecraft – 11M Subscribers

The official channel for one of the world’s most loved games, Minecraft‘s channel is a hub for official updates, sneak peeks, and insights into the game’s ever-evolving world.

13. JP Plays – 11M Subscribers

Content language: Portuguese

JP Plays stands out for his streaming platforms’ utilization, engaging in deep dives into adventure maps and redstone creations.

14. Sky Does Everything – 11M Subscribers

Content language: English

Known for his humor and vibrant gaming commentary, Sky showcases the best of Minecraft gameplay, from mod showcases to detailed building tutorials.

It is also incredibly impressive for him to be on this list after the controversy surrounding him and the fact that his last video was released 2 years ago.

15. stampylonghead – 10M Subscribers

Content language: English

Rounding out our list, stampylonghead has been an iconic figure in the Minecraft community, celebrated for his Let’s Play videos and unmatched fan engagement.

From Dream‘s intense chases to MrBeast Gaming‘s massive challenges, these top subscribed Minecraft YouTubers have elevated the standards for YouTube gaming channels everywhere. Whether you’re into building tutorials, collaborations, or the latest Minecraft updates, there’s a channel for every block-building enthusiast. So, next time you plunge into the depths of YouTube, make sure to check out these titans of the Minecraft world. And as always, keep crafting!

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FaQ about Minecraft YouTubers

Q: Who are the top subscribed Minecraft YouTubers?

A: The top subscribed Minecraft YouTubers include Mikecrack, MrBeast Gaming, rezendeevil, Dream, DanTDM, Preston, SSundee, FGTeeV, ElTrollino, Robin Hood Gamer, TheWillyrex, PopularMMOs, EdisonPts, TazerCraft, AM3NlC, Jazzghost, Typical Gamer, Поззи, UnspeakableReacts, Minecraft, JP Plays, Sky Does Everything, and stampylonghead.

Q: What kind of content do these Minecraft YouTubers create?

A: These Minecraft YouTubers create a wide range of content, including adventure maps, Let’s Play videos, mod showcases, building tutorials, redstone creations, survival mode gameplay, and Minecraft updates.

Q: Which Minecraft YouTuber has the most subscribers?

A: Mikecrack currently holds the top spot with ~42 million subscribers.

Q: Are these Minecraft YouTubers suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, many of these Minecraft YouTubers cater to a family-friendly audience, ensuring their content is suitable for viewers of all ages.

Q: How can I support my favorite Minecraft YouTubers?

A: You can support your favorite Minecraft YouTubers by subscribing to their channels, watching their videos, liking and commenting on their content, and sharing their videos with others. Additionally, many Minecraft YouTubers have merchandise or Patreon pages where you can further support them.

Q: Do Minecraft YouTubers collaborate with each other?

A: Yes, many Minecraft YouTubers collaborate with each other, either through joint videos, challenges, or multiplayer gameplay. Collaborations not only bring variety to their content but also allow them to engage with different communities and share their experiences with a wider audience.

Q: Can I learn how to play Minecraft from these YouTubers?

A: Absolutely! Many Minecraft YouTubers create tutorials and guides that help beginners learn the basics of the game, from crafting and mining to building and fighting mobs. They often share tips, tricks, and strategies that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: Are there any female Minecraft YouTubers on the list?

A: While the list primarily consists of male Minecraft YouTubers, there are talented female content creators in the Minecraft community as well. Though not included in this particular list, popular female Minecraft YouTubers include iHasCupquake, LDShadowLady, and stacyplays.

Q: Are there Minecraft YouTubers who focus on specific game modes, such as creative or survival?

A: Yes, several Minecraft YouTubers specialize in specific game modes. For example, some focus on creative mode, where they build intricate structures and showcase their creativity. Others concentrate on survival mode, where they showcase their survival skills and take on challenges within the game. These different game modes allow viewers to explore different aspects of Minecraft gameplay.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎