13 Must Watch Pokémon YouTubers in 2023

Pokémon is the largest media franchise in the world, meaning that there’s a high chance that you or someone close to you is a fan and enjoys watching content related to this popular franchise. YouTube is the perfect platform for this kind of content.

With countless creators focusing on different aspects of Pokémon, from competitive play to lore, there’s a little something for everyone. But with so many channels to choose from, which ones are worth your time?

Based on recommendations from the internet, here’s a list of the best PokéTubers to follow:

Disclaimer: These channels are presented in no specific order.

1. AbsolBlogsPokemon – 170k Subscribers

Absolblogspokemon sets himself apart with his genuine, humorous, and highly dedicated approach to his content, something viewers constantly rave about. If you’ve ever thought that full-odds shiny hunting couldn’t be engaging, think again. AbsolBlogsPokemon has the unique ability to make such challenges not only captivating but also incredibly fun to watch.

His Level 100 Gauntlet videos are always a treat, and he seamlessly marries gameplay with real-life experiences, giving his audience a glimpse into nature walks or friendly outings amidst a hunt. Such authentic touches make his content feel calming and grounded. His dedication is also evident in his game playthrough “movies” which are notably well-edited, immersive, and a delight to watch.

If you’re someone who enjoys diving deep into the nuances of Pokémon challenges, exploring game limitations, or simply seeking content that feels genuine and calming, AbsolBlogsPokemon is a must-watch. In fact, many would argue that if you had to choose one Pokémon YouTuber to follow, it should be him.

2. MandJTV – 2.1m Subscribers

Michael Groth, better known as MandJTV, is a seasoned Pokémon YouTuber with a presence spanning over a decade. From his early obsession with Pokémon, he’s consistently produced a variety of engaging content, including Top 10 lists, Pokémon Talk series, and even unique segments like rap battles and conspiracy theories.

What stands out about MandJTV is his humor; many consider him among the funniest in the Pokémon YouTube community, with a special mention for his character “Grunty Boi.” Beyond his main channel, MandJTV expands his reach with platforms like MandJTV Plays, which focuses on game playthroughs, as well as MandJTV Clips and MandJTV Extra.

For those interested in a blend of Pokémon lore, competitive insights, and a good laugh, MandJTV is a must-watch.

3. Alpharad – 3.2m Subscribers

Alpharad is an absolute must-watch for those interested in a blend of irony, humor, and high-quality Pokémon content. Initially emerging with a focus on Super Smash Bros content, Alpharad has evolved into a versatile YouTuber, primarily renowned for his Nuzlocke gameplay within the Pokémon series.

His unique style, characterized by self-awareness and witty writing, sets him apart from many content creators. While he extends his expertise across various gaming genres, his Pokémon Nuzlockes stand out as fan favorites, testament to his exceptional production quality and entertaining approach.

4. PokemonChallenges – 780k Subscribers

Watching Pokémon Challenges on YouTube is a unique experience for fans of the Pokémon Nuzlocke scene.

Recognized by many as a genuine and skilled player, he stands out for his socially responsible stance, especially when it comes to being vigilant about the age-appropriateness of his content. This ensures his channel is suitable for viewers over 18. Furthermore, he’s lauded for promoting a positive and inclusive environment, firmly opposing any form of gatekeeping within the Nuzlocke community.

Many appreciate his transparent and candid take on Pokémon topics, such as his insights on game mechanics and titles like Sword and Shield. While some might find his community on Twitch a tad overwhelming, sticking to his YouTube content provides both education and entertainment without the excess noise.

5. Zwiggo – 450k Subscribers

While Zwiggo occasionally delves into Nuzlockes, his diverse content spans from entertaining videos to challenge runs on mainline games and ROM hacks.

He’s not just about playing; he sets unique rules and challenges for himself, offering viewers an intriguing perspective on the games.

Additionally, his ROM hack reviews provide valuable insights for those looking to explore beyond the official Pokémon titles. Many viewers, both new and old, find Zwiggo’s content consistently engaging.

6. ChaoticMeatball – 180k Subscribers

If you’re in the mood for some intense and unique Pokémon challenges, ChaoticMeatball is the YouTuber to watch. His challenge runs are not just average; they border on masochistic, like the renowned Professor Oak challenge.

While his tactical approach can be likened to the Pchal level of strategy, what sets him apart for many fans is his entertaining delivery. Plus, many find his voice to be particularly comforting, making his content not just intriguing but also a relaxing watch.

All in all, ChaoticMeatball provides a distinctive blend of in-depth gameplay with a soothing narration.

7. False Swipe Gaming – 450k Subscribers

False Swipe Gaming has established itself as a number 1 YouTube channel for those interested in the competitive history of Pokémon.

Their weekly videos provide insightful analyses on how individual Pokémon have fared in both singles and VGC competitions. They delve deep into the evolution of various Pokémon’s roles in the competitive scene, encompassing Smogon 6v6 and VGC formats.

The channel’s signature “How GOOD was [insert Pokémon name here] ACTUALLY?” series is especially renowned for its depth and clarity. With a mix of education and entertainment, False Swipe Gaming consistently delivers content that keeps viewers eagerly awaiting their next episode. Their reputation is further bolstered by numerous positive testimonials from fans.

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8. Austin John Plays – 2.3m Subscribers

Austin John Plays is a well-regarded figure in the YouTube community, especially for those interested in Pokémon.

While not solely focused on Pokémon, he is recognized for delivering timely news, making him a valuable resource for the latest updates. His videos offer insightful tips on Pokémon game mechanics, including techniques like shiny hunting.

If you’re seeking comprehensive information on Pokémon and other related topics, Austin John Plays is a must-watch.

9. Jaiden Animations – 12m Subscribers

Jaiden Animations began her YouTube career with animated storytime videos but in order to remain on top of the YouTube game and due to her newlyfound YouTuber friendships she slowly started to shift closer toward Gaming content such as her beloved Pokémon Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge.

While she is still considered a variety YouTuber her continuous guest appearances on Pokémon content and her many escapades into the Pokémon world on YouTube have cemented her as a beloved creator in the PokéTube community.

Her content stands out from other Pokémon content as it tends to take the perspective of a casual fan trying to learn the intricacies of Pokémon’s design by tackling various challenges and games in the series.

10. Lockstin & Gnoggin – 1.1m Subscribers

Lockstin & Gnoggin stands out as a highly recommended Pokétuber, often praised for his insightful exploration into the world of Pokémon.

The channel adeptly delves into the inspirations behind Pokémon designs and names, ensuring viewers not only gain a deeper understanding of the Pokémon universe but also pick up intriguing real-life knowledge, such as facts about the Fossil Wars or neurological disorders in snakes.

Many viewers appreciate the channel’s analytical approach, where it offers both lore and theories, combined with an engaging presentation style that is both humorous and informative.

For anyone keen on understanding the origins, lore, and deeper aspects of Pokémon, Lockstin & Gnoggin is one of our favorites.

11. Wolfey – 1m Subscribers

Wolfey, recognized as a VGC World Champion (2016), offers insightful content on competitive Pokémon strategies, making him a go-to for many aspiring trainers.

His innovative plays, such as countering popular meta strategies, have garnered attention and respect in the community. Moreover, he has been involved in various Pokémon-related events, such as hosting tournaments and even opening a Pokémon gym in NYC.

Viewers on platforms like Reddit and Favoree have highlighted his in-depth analysis, unique team compositions, and engaging content.

Whether you’re a competitive player or just a Pokémon enthusiast, Wolfey’s channel provides you with valuable insights and entertainment.

12. Jimothy Cool – 50k Subscribers

Jimothy Cool stands out as a key figure in the competitive Pokémon YouTube community. Viewers appreciate his concise yet comprehensive analysis videos, making him a favorite for those with shorter attention spans.

Not only does he provide insightful discussions on various Pokémon and their roles in competitive play, but he also infuses his content with a unique blend of humor, as showcased by the popular Iron Mugulis saga. This combination of information and entertainment ensures that both seasoned players and casual fans can enjoy his content, all while being kept on their toes with unexpected threats like Iron Muggulis and Great Neck.

If you’re seeking a blend of laughs and learning in the competitive Pokémon scene, Jimothy Cool is a must-watch.

13. TyranitarTube – 900k Subscribers

Tyranitartube stands out as a unique figure in the Pokémon YouTube community. Catering to both casual viewers and those looking for deeper speculation, his channel strikes a balance that is neither too competitive nor too casual.

Over the years, he has innovated by introducing randomized nuzlockes that breathe new life into gameplay, adding his own narrative twist to create an immersive and distinct nuzlocke experience.

Beyond gameplay, Tyranitartube contributes to the community by sharing insights, ideas, and criticism that could potentially aid the development of future Pokémon titles, all presented in a serious and respectful manner.

Recently, he’s expanded into Pokémon discussion podcasts, adding another layer of depth to his content. In an age where genuine gameplay videos are becoming scarce, Tyranitartube remains a symbol of authenticity and an absolute joy to watch.

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These creators have been recommended for their unique styles and diverse content that they bring to the Pokémon community.

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  1. Who are the top Pokémon YouTubers recommended by the community?
  2. Are there any Pokémon YouTubers that specialize in Nuzlocke content?
  3. Which Pokémon YouTubers are known for their insights on competitive Pokémon?
  4. Are there any Pokémon YouTubers who focus on game lore and history?
    • Lockstin & Gnoggin is renowned for delving deep into Pokémon lore, history, and inspirations behind Pokémon design.
  5. Who are some Pokémon YouTubers that provide a comedic take on the series?
  6. I prefer long-form content. Are there Pokémon YouTubers who cater to that?
    • Absolblogs produces long-form “game movies,” and there are several others in the community who offer in-depth gameplay and analysis videos.
  7. Are there any Pokémon YouTubers that cover niche topics or unique challenges?
  8. I’m interested in the competitive history of Pokémon. Who should I watch?
    • False Swipe Gaming is renowned for videos on the competitive history of individual Pokémon and how they’ve performed over the years.
  9. Are there any Pokémon YouTube channels that focus on ROM hacks or Fakémon?
    • Yes, PragMagik is well-known for Fakémon-related content, while Chizzy focuses on ROM hacks.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎