The 20 Best History Channels on YouTube in 2023

Discovering and exploring history has never been easier, thanks to the incredible amount of knowledge available on YouTube for free. In today’s digital age, you no longer need to return to the classroom to satisfy your curiosity about the past.

In the vast realm of YouTube, these 20 channels stand out as must-watch destinations for history enthusiasts, educators, and anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. From captivating storytelling to expert analysis, these creators provide a diverse range of historical content, offering insights into ancient civilizations, military conflicts, cultural customs, and much more.

1. Fall of Civilizations – 1M subscribers

Fall of Civilizations explores the rise and fall of ancient civilizations through captivating storytelling and detailed historical analysis. Each episode focuses on a different society, exploring the complex factors that contributed to its eventual demise. The video he created about The Sumerians is one of our favorite documentaries ever!

2. Ancient Americas – 140K subscribers

This channel offers a fascinating exploration of the pre-Columbian civilizations that thrived in North, Central, and South America. From the Inca to the Maya, this channel provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

3. Townsends – 2.1M subscribers

Townsends is dedicated to bringing history to life through the lens of 18th-century living. With a focus on colonial America, this channel offers a unique blend of historical cooking, craftsmanship, and social customs, providing a glimpse into the daily lives of our ancestors.

4. English Heritage – 1.2M subscribers

English Heritage takes viewers on a journey through England’s rich history, exploring its castles, stately homes, and archaeological sites. From medieval marvels to grand estates, this channel offers a visual feast accompanied by expert commentary.

5. Oversimplified – 7.6M subscribers

Oversimplified humorously condenses complex historical events and concepts into easily digestible animated videos. Combining jokes, satire, and educational content, this channel ensures that learning history never feels like a chore.

6. The Shogunate – 140K subscribers

The Shogunate explores the captivating world of feudal Japan, focusing on the samurai era and the shogunate system. With a mix of history, mythology, and cultural insights, this creator offers a comprehensive understanding of Japan’s intriguing past.

7. Absolute History – 1.9M subscribers

Absolute History offers a wide range of historical documentaries and series covering various periods and events. With high-quality production values and expert narration, this channel presents historical content in an engaging and accessible manner.

8. Timeline – 4.8M subscribers

Timeline takes viewers on a chronological journey through history, exploring pivotal moments, fascinating individuals, and various civilizations. This channel offers a comprehensive look at the past, providing valuable insights into our shared human heritage.

9. Kings and Generals – 3.2M subscribers

Kings and Generals focuses on military history, analyzing battles, campaigns and tactics throughout different periods. With animated maps, expert commentary, and engaging visuals, this channel brings the strategies and struggles of the past to life.

10. The Armchair Historian – 2M subscribers

The Armchair Historian combines storytelling and analysis to explore intriguing historical topics. With a particular focus on military history and biographical accounts of key figures, this channel offers thought-provoking content for history enthusiasts.

11. Epic History TV – 2M subscribers

Epic History TV brings grand historical events to life with cinematic storytelling. From ancient battles to pivotal moments in modern history, this channel offers visually stunning narratives accompanied by expert analysis.

12. Tasting History – 1.8M subscribers

Tasting History combines history and gastronomy by recreating historical recipes and exploring their origins. This channel provides a unique blend of culinary delights and historical insights.

13. The Great War – 1.7M subscribers

The Great War is dedicated to recounting the events of World War I, offering a week-by-week account of the conflict. Through archival footage, detailed maps, and expert commentary, this channel provides an in-depth understanding of the war that shaped the 20th century.

14. Invicta – 1.4M subscribers

Invicta explores the world of ancient warfare, covering topics such as ancient battles, military strategies, and the weapons and tactics used by historical civilizations. This channel combines historical analysis with visually appealing animations.

15. History Matters – 1.6M subscribers

History Matters examines intriguing historical events and figures, shedding light on lesser-known stories from different periods. With a focus on in-depth research and engaging storytelling, they uncover hidden gems from the annals of history.

16. Early American – 1 million subscribers

Early American dives into the history of colonial America, exploring the struggles, triumphs, and everyday life of the early settlers. This channel offers a comprehensive look at the formative years of the United States and teaches how to cook like 200 years ago.

17. History Marche – 900K subscribers

History Marche focuses on military history, featuring content on ancient and medieval warfare. With detailed animations, analysis of military tactics, and informative videos, this channel appeals to both history enthusiasts and military strategy aficionados.

18. Warographics – 350K subscribers

Warographics presents captivating animated videos that analyze historical conflicts, military technology, and notable military figures. This channel unfolds events like the USSR-Afghan war, the Ukraine Crisis or the Franco-Pruissan war with concise and informative narration.

19. Stefan Milo – 300K subscribers

Stefan Milo is a passionate historian who covers a wide range of historical topics, including ancient civilizations, world wars, and influential figures. Through engaging storytelling and detailed analysis, this creator provides an immersive learning experience.

20. World of Antiquity – 155K subscribers

World of Antiquity explores ancient history, focusing on civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. With a combination of archaeological discoveries, historical context, and visual reconstructions, this channel offers a glimpse into the distant past.


Whether you have a fascination for the rise and fall of empires or a passion for culinary delights with a historical twist, these channels offer an immersive and educational experience. With an abundance of exceptional historical content, YouTube serves as an invaluable platform for exploration and learning.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! ๐Ÿ”Ž

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! ๐Ÿ”Ž