Top 16 YouTube Channels for Economics Enthusiasts

Understanding economics doesn’t have to be a daunting task. But with millions of channels, where do you start? Let’s take the bull by the horns and jump into the world of YouTube economics, where complex financial concepts are transformed into digestible content. Here’s a punchline for you – economics is no longer all supply and no demand, it’s all about demand and supply!

For those with a taste for economics, here are the top 16 YouTube channels, making this complex discipline fascinating.

Top 16 Channels about Economy and Finance in 2023

1. Money & Macro – 300k Subscribers

Bringing economic theories to life, Money & Macro is a wealth of knowledge on macroeconomic subjects. The channel takes a deep dive into the world economy, financial systems, and current economic events.

By demystifying these complex topics through engaging graphics and clear, articulate explanations, Money & Macro helps its audience comprehend how these systems influence their daily lives.

2. Patric Boyle – 600k Subscribers

Patric Boyle, an experienced finance professional, uses his channel to deliver insightful analysis on economic and financial topics. With real-world examples and a touch of humor, his videos make learning enjoyable and relatable.

3. Cold Fusion – 5M Subscribers

Cold Fusion dives deep into the disruptive impacts of technology and businesses on society and the economy. It presents meticulously researched, high-quality mini-documentaries, provoking thoughts on the future of economics.

4. Modern MBA – 350k Subscribers

Modern MBA is like taking a mini-MBA course from home. It offers insights into business theory, industry trends, and the strategies employed by modern businesses.

5. Bright Sun Films – 1.4M Subscribers

Bright Sun Films offers detailed case studies on failed businesses and cancelled projects, analyzing them from an economic perspective. This storytelling approach makes economics more than just palatable but genuinely intriguing.

6. Company Man – 1.7M Subscribers

Delivering detailed analysis on businesses, Company Man examines their success, failures, and their impact on the economy. It also delves into industry trends, offering a broader understanding of the economic landscape.

7. Economics Explained – 2.3M Subscribers

Living up to its name, Economics Explained makes complex economic topics clear and engaging. It’s a fantastic resource for demystifying global economic events and the economies of individual countries.

8. The Plain Bagel – 800k Subscribers

For those in need of a straightforward, easy to digest, and thoroughly satisfying content, look no further. The Plain Bagel provides a comprehensive overview of financial topics ranging from investing basics to complex market trends.

The channel’s creator, Richard Coffin, simplifies challenging financial concepts with clear and concise videos. His engaging style, combined with a sprinkle of humor, makes learning about the economy enjoyable.

9. Wendover Productions – 4.2M Subscribers

Providing a look into the logistics and economics underpinning the world, Wendover Productions offers top-notch animations and clear explanations, making the global economy easy to digest.

10. Insider Business – 8M Subscribers

With a wide-ranging resource base, Insider Business offers everything from CEO interviews to in-depth company analyses, providing a comprehensive look at the latest in business and economics.

11. Ben Felix – 320k Subscribers

Ben Felix brings a scientific approach to personal finance and investment. Backed by academic research and data, his content is evidence-based, accessible, and less intimidating.

12. TLDR Business – 140k Subscribers

TLDR Business is perfect for quick, concise business news and economic topics. It brilliantly condenses complex information into digestible videos without losing substance.

13. John Coogan – 320k Subscribers

His channel offers a refreshing perspective on macro and microeconomics, monetary policy, and global economic affairs. He also recently created a lot of content about AI and its impact on society.

With a focus on interactive learning, Coogan utilises well-structured diagrams, relatable examples, and step-by-step walkthroughs to elucidate intricate economic theories.

John Coogan’s channel provides a comprehensive, relatable, and enjoyable learning experience.

14. Logically Answered – 500k Subscribers

Logically Answered provides clear, concise answers to complex questions in economics and business. It’s an excellent resource for understanding the ins and outs of economics in a straightforward way.

15. Econ – 60k Subscribers

For those who desire an animated approach to economics, Econ is the ideal channel. Blending educational content with captivating visuals, Econ deciphers diverse economic topics such as market trends, economic systems, fiscal policy, and more.

The channel’s unique strength lies in its ability to distil complex theories into simple, animated illustrations, making economics both accessible and engaging. A great choice for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on the dynamic world of economics.

16. Wall Street Millennial – 250k Subscribers

Wall Street Millennials offer a fresh perspective on the finance industry, covering topics like investment banking, hedge funds, and private equity.

As the name suggests, this platform offers an innovative lens through which to view the economic world, making it particularly appealing to younger audiences.

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Investing in Knowledge: Mastering Economics with YouTube

In conclusion, these 16 channels have made the “dismal science” far from dismal. By leveraging the power of online platforms like YouTube, economics has become accessible to all. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply a curious mind, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. So, invest some time in these channels and enrich your understanding of the world’s economic pulse.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎