The 14 Worst YouTubers According to Viewers

If you’re an avid YouTube enjoyer or simply someone who wants to keep up with the times, you’ve likely come across your fair share of channels that spark debates, controversies, or simply generate a lot of varying opinions.

In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the least liked channels on YouTube, according to user reviews on Favoree, the IMDb of YouTube channels.

Here, we’ve collated reviews and ratings of some of the most hated YouTube channels of 2023. Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and what one person may find distasteful, another may love.

Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions and reviews of the Favoree community and not the opinions of the author or the platform.

14. Johnny Harris – Rating: 2.7/5

Johnny Harris screenshot from

Johnny Harris’ content has garnered criticism from several viewers. Many believe that his videos, while having impressive production value and aesthetics, lack depth in research, sometimes even bordering on disinformation.

There’s actually concern about the credibility of the sources he cites in his videos. However, it’s worth noting that some praise his willingness to admit and address his mistakes.

In essence, while Johnny Harris’ content is recognized for its presentation quality, a significant number of viewers question the accuracy and depth of his research.

13. PewDiePie – Rating: 2.7/5

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Critics of PewDiePie’s recent content often point to a perceived decline in originality, with some suggesting his channel has evolved into a more generic reaction-style platform.

While he earned praise for certain segments, like his Minecraft series, many find his newer offerings lack the zest that once characterized his videos. This shift, coupled with the sheer size of his audience, has left some viewers perplexed about the sustained appeal of his content.

However, it’s worth noting that opinions vary widely, and many still find value and entertainment in his uploads, highlighting the multifaceted nature of content appreciation on platforms like YouTube.

With 111M subscribers, PewDiePie also made it onto the list of the most subscribed YouTubers.

12. Patrick (H) Willems – Rating: 2.6/5

Patrick H willems screenshot from

Patrick (H) Willems’ content on YouTube has garnered a mix of reactions, with many viewers polarized in their opinions. While some admire the production value and unique inclusion of movie story timelines in his video essays, others find the side stories distracting and are not always aligned with his movie recommendations.

Some criticism also stems from his perceived lack of depth or accuracy in his analyses, particularly in his critiques of movies like those in the MCU. Accusations of labeling viewers who only watch MCU movies and don’t read the comics as “fake nerds” only added to the dissent.

Furthermore, certain viewers take issue with what they see as superficial criticisms, and they argue that Willems sometimes misses deeper nuances or changes in the films he critiques.

11. Jordan B Peterson – Rating: 2.6/5

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Jordan B Peterson, a clinical psychologist, rose to significant popularity through his YouTube lectures and his best-selling book, “12 Rules for Life”.

While some laud his emphasis on personal responsibility, typified by his advice like “clean your room”, a significant number of critics argue that his ideology reinforces negative stereotypes and marginalizes certain groups, erasing their lived experiences. Detractors believe Peterson lacks compassion and empathy, particularly when faced with critiques of privilege.

They accuse him of masking prejudiced views under the guise of scientific discourse, leveraging his academic credentials to lend weight to what they deem as pseudoscientific claims.

Additionally, Peterson’s stance on certain social issues have further polarized opinions about him.

10. MrBeast – Rating: 2.5/5

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While MrBeast, with his 150M subscribers, has a strong fanbase that finds his content entertaining, inspiring, and sometimes funny, there are critics who feel differently. Some believe his content to be shallow and accuse it of appealing to the “lowest common denominator” due to its focus on large cash prizes and challenges.

With 173M subscribers, MrBeast also made it onto the top spot for the list of the most subscribed YouTubers, check out our article on that here.

9. The Game Theorists – Rating 2.4/5

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MatPat’s “The Game Theorists” channel on YouTube has garnered criticism primarily for perceived issues related to research quality and content focus.

Many viewers feel that the channel prioritizes quantity over quality, with theories often appearing poorly researched or baseless. There is a sense that the channel has shifted its approach over time, moving from analytical and scientific insights on games to more lore-based and trending content, which some see as chasing YouTube’s algorithm.

Users also noted a reliance on clickbait strategies, with some feeling the channel targets a younger demographic, leading to content that may feel repetitive or shallow for a more mature audience.

While there’s acknowledgment of the channel’s historical significance in the gaming community, the prevailing sentiment is a longing for its earlier content, which was deemed more insightful.

8. JJ Olatunji – KSI – Rating 2.3/5

ksi screenshot from

Opinions about KSI’s content are split yet generally negative. Some fans find him entertaining, funny, and enjoy his videos spanning from Q&A Sundays to his involvement with the Sidemen, yet he rarely gets a 5 Star rating.

A different section of viewers believe his content has become repetitive, with a perceived lack of originality, mainly focusing on reaction videos which can be seen as a more passive form of content creation.

Additionally, while KSI has ventured into boxing and music, opinions are polarized about his proficiency in these areas. Some feel that his boxing skills are exaggerated, while others argue that his music is generic, relying heavily on features from renowned artists.

A recurring sentiment is that KSI’s large and loyal fanbase tends to amplify his achievements, possibly fueling an inflated ego.

7. Vice News – Rating 2.3/5

Vice news screenshot from

Vice News, once lauded for its groundbreaking documentaries and in-depth reporting from high-risk locations, has recently faced criticism for a perceived decline in content quality.

Based on various user feedback, many believe that the influx of venture capital and external funding might have shifted the news organization’s priorities, leading to sensationalism and content that is seen as “click-bait journalism.”

There are claims that instead of focusing on hard-hitting news pieces, Vice News sometimes over-hypes ordinary stories to attract more viewers. This drift from its original journalistic integrity, coupled with allegations of producing deceptive content, has made some audiences disillusioned with the brand.

Comparisons have also been drawn between Vice News and other digital media outlets like BuzzFeed, suggesting a broader trend in online journalism towards prioritizing engagement over substance.

6. The Critical Drinker – Rating 2.3/5

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The Critical Drinker is a controversial YouTuber known for his media reviews. Among the criticisms aimed at him, some viewers feel that his commentary often disapproves of “strong women” and “forced diversity,” even in films or shows that don’t necessarily display such elements.

Accusations of bias are common, with some suggesting that he might react differently to characters based on their gender. Furthermore, there are instances where his knowledge about films and their origins has been questioned, such as incorrectly identifying the nationalities of certain films.

While a section of his audience appreciates his reviews, most find his content to be inane and his opinions to be uninformed.

5. Game Grumps – Rating 1.8/5

The Game Grumps, helmed by hosts Dan and Arin, have garnered a mixed reputation over the years. While they’ve produced standout content in the past, several factors have led to criticisms from fans. Many feel that the hosts show signs of burnout, often referencing their long tenure on the show. Awkward dynamics between the hosts have raised concerns about the show’s potential end.

Additionally, shifts in content style, particularly from Arin, have led to nostalgia for older, beloved formats like Sequelitis. These concerns, combined with changes in editing styles, lack of clear communication with the fanbase, and controversies surrounding associated games and individuals, have resulted in declining viewership and engagement.

There is an entire subreddit, r/rantgrumps, where individuals often vent their frustrations and criticisms. In 2022, the channel’s stats highlighted a significant decline, with total views dropping 69% from 2016 figures and a staggering 96% drop in subscriber growth compared to 2015.

4. Unbox Therapy – Rating 1.6/5

Unbox Therapy, a large tech channel led by Lew, has had a very bad reputation in recent times. Common critiques for the channel include alleged instances of dishonesty, such as purported fake giveaways and ripping off designs from sponsors.

Some viewers also feel that the content leans heavily towards clickbait, with sensationalized titles and thumbnails. Additionally, there are claims of bias in his reviews, with suggestions that he gets paid for certain endorsements.

A few users feel that Lew’s personality can come off as disingenuous or overly dramatic, contributing to a feeling that he prioritizes monetary gains over genuine tech enthusiasm.

While opinions vary, it’s evident that the channel’s approach to content and its authenticity have come under scrutiny.

3. H3 Podcast – Rating 1.6/5

h3 podcast screenshot on

You reached the Top 3 of the worst YouTubers according to Favoree users, If you don’t agree with this list head over to to review the YouTubers of your choice!

Many of the primary criticisms of the H3 Podcast channel revolve around the perception of Ethan Klein’s behavior and the overall direction of the podcast.

Many viewers feel that Ethan comes across as hypocritical and confrontational, while others find certain content segments, like those focused on food, overly drawn-out and detracting from the main content.

Additionally, the use of soundbites, although initially amusing, has been criticized for becoming a mere word association game rather than adding comedic value.

The podcast’s tendency to target and excessively mock individuals not directly related to the main drama is seen as unnecessary, and there’s a belief that Ethan uses certain accents as a means to deliver potentially insensitive comments.

2. Logan Paul – Rating 1/5

Logan Paul, a prominent internet personality, has faced significant criticism over the years for his content and actions. Early controversies included his filming of a deceased body in Japan, which many considered insensitive and disrespectful.

While some argued that he showed signs of maturation afterward, recent allegations suggest he may have been involved in misleading his young audience for financial gain, particularly concerning cryptocurrency schemes.

This has rekindled discussions about his trustworthiness and the appropriateness of his content for younger viewers. Furthermore, critics have taken issue with the company he keeps, suggesting that his podcast co-hosts and friends might be promoting unhealthy or narcissistic behaviors.

The collective sentiment, especially among his detractors, seems to be that his redemption narrative is disingenuous and that he’s capitalized on an impressionable young audience.

1. Jake Paul – Rating 1/5

Congrats you have reached the lowest of the lowest, the bottom of the barrel so to speak. Jake Paul doesn’t only have the lowest review score, he also has one of the channels that have been reviewed the most on Favoree.

Jake Paul’s content has been a topic of contention among various internet users. Many find his videos, which largely consist of vlogs, music videos, and discussions about his boxing endeavors, to be lacking in substance and authenticity.

The common criticisms label his content as “stupid” and argue that he caters to the lowest common denominator. Additionally, accusations of him being narcissistic, money-driven, and misleading are prevalent.

These sentiments suggest that viewers perceive Paul as a negative influence, especially on younger audiences, and believe that his primary aim is personal profit rather than genuine content creation. The overwhelmingly negative reviews showcase a consistent sentiment of disapproval and disappointment among viewers.

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1. How were the ratings for the YouTube channels determined?

The ratings were determined by the reviews and ratings given by the Favoree community, representing the collective opinion of its members.

2. Are the views mentioned in the article reflective of the author’s opinion?

No, the views and ratings represent the opinions and reviews of the Favoree community. The article is meant to provide insights based on those user reviews.

3. How can I rate or review a YouTube channel on Favoree?

To rate or review a YouTube channel, head over to and join the community. There, you can share your opinions and reviews about your favorite or least favorite channels.

4. Why are some channels considered “least liked” or “hated”?

The term “least liked” or “hated” is based on the aggregate ratings and reviews of Favoree users. The channels mentioned in the article received lower ratings compared to others.

5. Why are some popular channels, with millions of subscribers, on this list?

Popularity in terms of subscriber count doesn’t necessarily correlate with universally positive reviews. Different viewers have varied opinions, leading to a diverse range of ratings, additionally, having millions of subscribers makes it more likely for people to review certain channels.

6. How recent is the data in the article?

The data in the article is based on ratings and reviews up to summer of the year 2023.

7. Are channels outside the list also available for review on Favoree?

Yes, Favoree is continuously adding more channels for review and ratings. Users can explore a vast range of channels on the platform.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

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