12 of The Best Basketball Channels on YouTube in 2023

Best Basketball Youtubers

Basketball enthusiasts have seen a shift in where they get their hoops fix. With the rise of digital platforms, Basketball YouTubers have become essential for fans, delivering both entertainment and insights directly to global audiences.

From detailed game breakdowns to player-focused content, YouTube stands out as a central hub for basketball aficionados.

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Top 12 Basketball YouTube Channels to Watch in 2023

As recommended by multiple Reddit threads and Favoree user reviews.

In no particular order.

1. JxmyHighroller – 2.3M Subscribers

Famous for its detailed stories and statistics, this channel offers expert narratives about NBA legends like LeBron James and Steph Curry among others.

2. BBallBreakdown – 850k Subscribers

A destination for fans passionate about basketball mechanics, this channel breaks down shooting tips, crossover techniques, and basketball methodologies.

3. Kenny For Real – 600k Subscribers

Quickly gaining traction among basketball fans, Kenny’s interesting takes on games, players, and basketball events keep viewers hooked.

4. The Ringer (J Kyle Mann) – 450k Subscribers

While The Ringer covers a wide variety of sports, media and tech subjects, J Kyle Mann is their expert on shooting hoops offering a blend of basketball analytics, player profiles, and game insights. J Kyle Mann’s content is a must for serious fans.

5. Sporting Logically – 170k Subscribers

For those who appreciate the nuances of basketball strategy, player insights and NBA history, this channel stands out.

6. Mike Korzemba – 1.7M Subscribers

With his unique take on basketball scenarios and insightful dives into basketball history, Mike consistently entertains his viewers.

7. Dom2k – 400k Subscribers

Merging storytelling with basketball events, Dom2k brings to life fascinating tales from the world of hoops.

8. AFunkyDiabetic – 250k Subscribers

Known for his unique style, this YouTuber offers fresh perspectives on trending basketball topics.

9. Thinking Basketball – 500k Subscribers

For fans seeking a deeper understanding of the game’s intricacies, this channel delves into analytics and game theory with a focus on individual players.

10. Clayton Crowley – 100k Subscribers

Merging fan perspectives with professional insights, Clayton’s channel strikes a balance between entertainment and information through great documentary-style videos.

11. Rusty Buckets – 250k Subscribers

With a focus on player profiles and game breakdowns, Rusty offers viewers a comprehensive look at the world of basketball.

12. Secret Base – 1.3M Subscribers

Venturing beyond the court, this channel explores the culture, history, and lesser-known stories of basketball. It also occasionally covers other sports.

Why You Should Watch Basketball YouTube Channels

Basketball is a multi-faceted sport, encompassing on-court action, player dynamics, strategies, and a rich culture. Channels like Chris Smoove bring fun and entertainment, while BBallBreakdown offers deep tactical insights. This curated list ensures fans get a holistic view of the basketball world on YouTube.

To stay updated with the best basketball content creators on YouTube or to find out the top basketball YouTubers of 2023, bookmarking this list is a smart move. Subscribe to these channels, hit the like button, and immerse yourself in top-tier basketball content.


What’s the best YouTube channel for basketball highlights?

Chris Smoove is widely regarded as the pioneer in basketball highlights on YouTube. His vibrant commentaries and gameplay clips have set a benchmark in the industry. Chris’s channel is a go-to destination for fans who appreciate thrilling and entertaining basketball highlights.

Which Basketball YouTuber can help me improve my own skills?

BBallBreakdown is the perfect channel for those looking to improve their basketball skills. This channel specializes in breaking down shooting tips, crossover techniques, and basketball methodologies. With its in-depth analysis and expert insights, BBallBreakdown offers valuable guidance to aspiring basketball players.

Who provides expert narratives about NBA legends?

If you’re interested in detailed stories and statistics about NBA legends, JxmyHighroller is the channel for you. Jxmy offers insightful narratives about basketball superstars like LeBron James and Steph Curry. His expertise and deep knowledge of the game make his content a must-watch for any basketball enthusiast.

What channel offers a blend of basketball analytics and game insights?

The Ringer (J Kyle Mann) provides a blend of basketball analytics, player profiles, and game insights. This channel caters to serious fans who want to delve into the intricacies of the game. J Kyle Mann’s content offers a comprehensive understanding of basketball strategy and provides in-depth analyzes of players and games.

Which channel focuses on basketball history and lesser-known stories?

SecretBase goes beyond the court and explores the culture, history, and lesser-known stories of basketball. If you’re curious about the rich heritage of the sport and want to discover fascinating tales from the basketball world, SecretBase is the channel to check out. Their content offers a unique perspective on the cultural impact and hidden stories within basketball.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

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