16 YouTube Channels to Master AI and ChatGPT in 2023

Engaging with artificial intelligence and its diverse applications has never been more accessible or fascinating than it is in 2023. With the rise of technology-focused YouTube channels, you can explore the world of AI and ChatGPT right from your living room couch.

After ChatGPT set a record for fastest-growing user base reaching 100 million monthly active users in January, there’s never been a better or more critical time to embark on your AI and machine learning journey.

Ready to level up your tech skills? Get ready to dive in, and remember: The only thing scarier than AI going rogue is running out of popcorn during your learning binge!

The Top 16 YouTube Channels to learn about AI and ChatGPT in 2023

In no particular order:

1. AI Explained – 200k Subscribers

This channel has made AI concepts more accessible to thousands of subscribers. It offers simplified explanations of complex AI mechanisms, perfect for both beginners and experienced tech enthusiasts.

2. Two Minute Papers – 1.5M Subscribers

With succinct, information-packed videos, this channel brings you the latest research in AI and machine learning. It’s an excellent choice for those short on time but eager to learn.

3. Robert Miles – 150k Subscribers

Robert Miles has dedicated his channel to ensure safety in AI. His in-depth discussion videos focus on everything from the basics to the latest developments in AI research.

4. Dr Alan D. Thompson – 60k Subscribers

The main focus of the channel is on the augmentation of human intelligence and advancing the evolution of ‘integrated AI’.

Through his well-researched and clearly presented videos, he helps viewers understand how AI can be integrated seamlessly with human intelligence.

This channel is a must-follow for those eager to expand their AI knowledge and comprehension.

5. MattVidPro AI – 210k Subscribers

This channel offers comprehensive coverage of artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT and practical guides to using them.

6. Yannic Kilcher – 230k Subscribers

Yannic provides clear explanations of AI research papers, helping viewers understand the methodologies and impacts of various studies.

7. Andrej Karpathy – 220k Subscribers

As a former Director of AI at Tesla and OpenAI founding member, Andrej offers unique industry insights and technical deep dives into AI’s cutting-edge applications.

8. Aladdin Persson – 65k Subscribers

Aladdin’s channel is a gold mine for coding tutorials, especially for machine learning and deep learning projects.

9. The AI Advantage – 150k Subscribers

This channel focuses on the business aspect of artificial intelligence, helping viewers understand how to leverage AI for competitive advantage.

10. Sentdex – 1.3M Subscribers

Harrison from Sentdex offers python programming tutorials, with many focused on machine learning and AI.

11. Jason West – 45k Subscribers

Jason West’s channel provides tutorials, advice, and guides on a wide range of AI and machine learning topics.

12. Matt Wolfe – 400k Subscribers

This channel offers a holistic approach to AI, covering topics from the basics of AI to data science and machine learning. Matt helps you discover a lot of different tools like Midjourney, Bard

13. Siraj Raval – 800k Subscribers

Siraj Raval offers a mix of education and entertainment, making learning artificial intelligence concepts fun and engaging.

14. StatQuest with Josh Starmer – 1M Subscribers

This channel is perfect for those who love statistics and want to understand how it plays a vital role in AI and machine learning. The goal of the channel is to break down the major methodologies into easy to understand pieces.

15. Abhishek Thakur – 100k Subscribers

As a four-time Kaggle Grandmaster, Abhishek shares his extensive knowledge in the field of machine learning and more broadly data science.

16. Machine Learning with Phil – 40k Subscribers

Phil provides in-depth machine learning tutorials with a focus on reinforcement learning and natural language processing.

Deepen Your Understanding of AI: Embrace Machine Learning and Beyond

From the basics to advanced AI concepts, these channels are your guiding light in the vast ocean of artificial intelligence, Bard, ChatGPT or Midjourney. Each one brings its unique style and insight, making learning a more personalized and enjoyable experience.

So why wait? Get clicking, start learning, and let these YouTube maestros take your AI and ChatGPT knowledge to the next level.

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎