10 of The Greatest Trans YouTubers

The Importance of Trans Representation on YouTube

The media landscape reflects society, and what we see on screens shapes our perceptions, opinions, and even our self-worth. For marginalized communities, such as the transgender community, representation is not just a matter of visibility; it’s a matter of validation, support, and amplification of voices often muted in mainstream media.

Accurate and positive trans representation plays a pivotal role in combating the misconceptions and prejudices the trans community faces daily. When trans individuals see themselves portrayed with dignity, depth, and authenticity, it serves as an affirmation of their identity and experiences. Moreover, for the broader audience, such representation demystifies the trans experience, fostering empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

YouTube is one of the world’s largest platforms for self-expression and content dissemination. Trans YouTubers harness this platform to tell their stories, share insights, and contribute positively to the global conversation.

Here are 10 of the best trans YouTubers to follow:

1. ContraPoints – 1.7m subscribers

A Brief Biography:

We cannot possibly have a list of trans YouTubers without including ContraPoints. Known offstage as Natalie Wynn (MtF), she’s an American YouTuber who has won a place in many hearts with her thought-provoking and aesthetically striking video essays.

An academic turned digital content creator, Natalie addresses an eclectic range of topics on her channel, with a notable focus on issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community, gender, and politics.

She does so with a unique blend of humor, drama, and deeply-researched insights, making complex subjects accessible and relatable.

Influencing the Uninitiated:

While one might believe that a content creator dealing with profound topics would cater only to the informed and the involved, ContraPoints transcends this expectation.

A glimpse into discussions on platforms such as Reddit reveals that her content has touched lives in unexpected ways. Comments like “No longer a transphobe” and insights about Natalie’s videos preventing individuals from descending into harmful echo chambers speak volumes about her impact.

For many, she has been an enlightening bridge to understanding trans issues, combating entrenched biases, and fostering empathy. As one Reddit user insightfully shared, Natalie’s videos not only provide knowledge about the trans community but equip viewers with the vocabulary and perspective needed to support and respect trans individuals.

Content Spectrum:

ContraPoints is not just about trans issues. She deftly handles a plethora of subjects, from the intricacies of cancel culture and the incel community to the societal implications of beauty and decadence. What sets her apart is her approach – her videos are a masterful tapestry of humor, intricate set designs, character play, and rigorous research.

While some of her video essays can be light-hearted and whimsically satirical, others dive deep into introspection, tackling personal and societal shadows. Natalie’s flair for dramatics and her candid revelations about her own journey make her content both educational and deeply personal, opening doors to broader understanding and self-reflection.

2. PhilosophyTube – 1.4m subscribers

A Brief Bio:

PhilosophyTube, also known as Abigail Thorn (MtF), is a British YouTube content creator who delves into the complexities of philosophy, politics, and personal identity.

She has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many with her insightful videos and theatrical presentations. Over the years, her channel has evolved from straight-forward explanations of philosophical concepts to elaborate, performance-driven interpretations that touch on contemporary issues.

Influence on Her Audience:

Abi has had a profound influence on her audience. Through her sincere and well-researched videos, she has facilitated deeper understandings of complex topics, spanning from philosophy to personal identity.

Her openness about her own transgender journey has been a beacon of hope for many who are grappling with their own gender identities. Many viewers have credited her with helping them understand themselves better, and her story has been a catalyst for introspection and self-acceptance for countless individuals.

Content Spectrum:

Already in our list of top philosophy channels, PhilosophyTube’s content is a blend of academic rigour, theatrical flair, and personal storytelling. Abi manages to transform potentially dense philosophical discussions into engaging narratives that resonate with a broad audience. Her videos often employ metaphor and allegory to drive home the central message, making even the most intricate concepts more accessible.

Her commitment to inclusivity, authenticity, and enlightenment is evident in every video she produces, making her channel not just a source of education, but also a hub for community and support.

While her transition has become an integral part of her channel’s narrative, Abi’s content has consistently showcased her knack for breaking down multifaceted ideas with clarity and wit. Whether discussing the intricacies of political theories or sharing personal experiences, her approach is both enlightening and relatable.

3. Ty Turner – 365k subscribers

A Brief Bio:

Ty Turner (FtM) is a YouTube personality who has gained significant attention for his self-titled channel, on which he documents his female-to-male transition. He is also known for his comedy videos, unboxings, challenges and more.

He came out as transgender in a YouTube video uploaded in October 2013. Ty Turner is an important figure in the trans community, as he shares his personal experiences and provides a platform for others to learn and connect.

Helping FtM transitions:

Ty Turner’s videos have helped and influenced many people, particularly those in the female to male trans community, with some reddit users even naming him as their transition goal.

His documentation of his transition journey has provided hope and inspiration to others going through similar experiences. In addition, his comedy videos and challenges provide entertainment and a sense of community for his viewers.

Ty’s Content:

Ty’s content covers a wide range of topics, from documenting his transition journey to reacting to memes. One of his most popular videos is “Female To Male Transition – 1 Year On Testosterone,” which has over 4 million views.

He also creates content specifically for the trans community, such as FtM-oriented workout regimens. Overall, Ty Turner’s content is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

4. Jammidodger – 1m subscribers

A Short Bio:

Jammidodger, also known as Jamie, is a YouTube content creator who represents the trans community.

He has an academic background in gender issues, which gives him a unique perspective on his content.

His Large Influence:

Jammidodger’s videos provide solace for many people. He offers a reflection of their own struggles, hopes, and triumphs. His discussions about surgeries, identity, and self-acceptance resonate with those grappling with their gender identity.

His audience credits him with helping them recognize their own truths. Jamie’s impact is immeasurable and his channel has been pivotal in many people’s transition journey.

Content Spectrum:

Jammidodger’s videos balance education and entertainment. He addresses pressing issues in the trans community with humor, warmth, and authenticity.

His content is informative and relatable, making complex topics accessible. He creates binder tutorials and collaborates with other YouTubers to ensure that his channel remains a hub of knowledge, support, and community.

5. Samantha Lux – 600k subscribers

A Brief Introduction to Samantha Lux

Born on March 20, 1997, in Massachusetts, Samantha Lux (MtF) is a renowned YouTube influencer celebrated for her self-titled channel. Samantha started her YouTube channel in March 2011, and by 2015, she officially began documenting her transition from male to female.

As a transgender vlogger, she has not only shared her own experiences but also created a space for others in the trans community to connect, learn, and feel seen.

Influencing a Generation

Through her transparent and authentic videos, Samantha Lux has emerged as an inspiration, particularly for those within the trans community. She is often stated as the goal for anyone transitioning from male to female, since she’s often applauded for her great looks.

Documenting her transition journey, Samantha has been a source of understanding for many undergoing similar experiences. Beyond just her personal journey, she is known for her commentary videos on news and events relevant to the trans community.

With over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 90,000 Instagram followers, Samantha has established a significant digital presence, demonstrating the vast reach and impact of her voice.

A Look into Samantha’s Content

Diverse and engaging, Samantha’s YouTube content spans from her transition updates to light-hearted reactions to memes. One of her standout videos, “Male to Female Transition | 1.5 Year Update | SamanthaLux“, boasts over 11 million views, reflecting the resonance of her narrative with viewers.

Moreover, she regularly addresses topical issues affecting the trans community, making her content both informative and entertaining. Whether she’s discussing recent news or providing updates on her journey, Samantha Lux seamlessly combines authenticity with entertainment, ensuring her content remains relatable to a broad audience.

6. Mathilda Högberg – 100k subscribers

Who is Mathilda Högberg?

Mathilda Högberg (MtF), born on April 14, 1994, in Nödinge, Sweden, is a multifaceted influencer in the digital space. With her roots in blogging, she has evolved into a prominent YouTuber and traveler, boasting a remarkable following across various platforms.

As a Swedish fashionista, beauty guru, and adventurer, Mathilda uses her platforms, including her self-titled fashion, beauty, and travel blog, to reach a vast audience. However, beyond her style tips and travel diaries, she stands as a formidable voice for the transgender community.

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube, she consistently sheds light on transgender experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

How Mathilda Influenced Her Audience

The strength of Mathilda’s influence is drawn from her genuine and transparent portrayal of her life as a transgender woman. She has become a beacon of hope and guidance, especially for those within the transgender community.

By sharing detailed insights into aspects of her life such as transitioning, hormone therapy, and gender reassignment surgery, she offers a firsthand look at a journey many find mysterious or misunderstood. This courageous sharing acts as a guide and support system for many navigating similar paths.

Furthermore, her candid discussions have played a pivotal role in breaking the stigma and misconceptions associated with transgender issues, fostering understanding and empathy among a broader audience.

Diverse and Relatable Content

Diving into Mathilda’s YouTube channel feels like embarking on a journey with a close friend. From intimate Q&A sessions and reflective commentaries on transgender subjects to lighter, engaging content on fashion, beauty, and travel – her range is vast.

A standout video titled “HORMONES EFFECTS | 7 YEAR on HORMONES (mtf transgender, hrt)” has garnered over 1.3 million views. In it, she delves into the transformative effects of her seven-year journey with hormone therapy, offering viewers a raw and insightful perspective.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on transgender issues, fashion advice, or simply a virtual travel companion, Mathilda’s content strikes a chord on multiple levels.

7. SnapCube (Penny Parker) – 700k subscribers

Bio: The Multifaceted Penny Parker

Penny Olivia Parker (MtF), the dynamo behind the popular channel SnapCube, is more than just your average YouTuber. Born on August 20, 1998, this American YouTuber, voice actress, streamer, and musician has carved a niche for herself with her unique talent and genuine passion.

Not only is she known for voicing diverse characters in the Real-Time Fandub series initiated by Charley Marlowe, but she has also made a mark with SnapCube’s Real-Time Fandub series – a derivative that exclusively dubs video games.

And while she might not emphasize her trans identity in her creations, her popularity and fame on YouTube silently yet powerfully supports the cause of the trans community and helps demystify trans-gender people.

Penny: All about Fun and Positivity

SnapCube isn’t just a channel; it’s a comedy classic name that has touched countless lives. Penny’s innate ability to blend fun, passion, and personality makes her content irresistibly engaging. Her dedication to positivity and high-quality punch-up comedy has set her apart.

Moreover, SnapCube’s Real-Time Fandub is the peak of improvisational comedy, seamlessly blending hilarious content with accidental lore, intricate worldbuilding, and commendable performances by its cast.

Penny’s unspoken message resonates loud and clear: entertainment can be wholesome, authentic, and inclusive.

The SnapCube Content Universe

Penny’s diverse content offerings are a testament to her versatility. From Let’s Plays featuring her pals, solo gameplay streams on Twitch (sometimes showcasing her ClownHouse friends), to the special live bonus dubs later added to the BTDubs series on YouTube – SnapCube is like an endless buffet of entertainment.

But the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly SnapCube’s Real-Time Fandub. This improvisational comedy web series, masterminded by Penny and premiered on June 8, 2018, quickly became an internet sensation.

Its sporadic episodes keep fans on their toes. Additionally, her Sonic the Hedgehog fandubs have not only achieved a cult following but have also become a significant part of internet culture, giving birth to countless memes.

For those in search of entertainment that’s both refreshing and representative, Penny Parker’s SnapCube stands tall as an emblem of excellence on YouTube.

8. Leadhead – 300k subscribers

Who is Leadhead?

Penelope (MtF), popularly known by her online persona “Leadhead,” is an impactful online video essayist, bringing forth a unique blend of insightful commentary on video games through a postmodernist lens.

While the bulk of her content is rooted in an in-depth exploration of games, taking cues from the creators’ intention and the intricate nuances of game design, she occasionally delves into personal experiences. One such candid revelation is her gender transition, providing an intimate look into her life and journey.

While her trans identity isn’t the central theme of her content, her mere presence as a successful trans content creator on the platform serves as an inspiration to many.

How has she made an impact?

With her postmodernist analysis, she doesn’t just talk about games; she deciphers them, drawing out their artistic essence, and in the process, validates them as a potent form of art. Such a perspective has inevitably attracted a significant following on YouTube, cementing her place as an influential voice.

But beyond gaming, her sheer openness about her trans identity, albeit limited in content, has played a pivotal role in breaking the stereotypes associated with the transgender community.

Many of her viewers and followers have found solace in her words, seeing her as an inspiration and a testament to the fact that being true to oneself can lead to success and acceptance.

A Deep Dive into Gaming and Personal Narratives

Leadhead’s content is a masterclass in depth and diversity. At its core are video essays that dissect popular video games, with one of her notable analyses being on “Grand Theft Auto V,” which played a significant role in her rise to fame around June 2020.

But that’s not all. Her YouTube channel also houses personal narratives, such as her heartfelt account of her gender transition. This blend of gaming expertise and personal experiences creates an enriching content tapestry that is as informative as it is relatable.

Moreover, with side offerings like music covers, intricate lore, and even a touch of humor in the form of shitposts, Leadhead ensures her channel remains vibrant, engaging, and ever-evolving.

Whether you’re there for the games, the personal tales, or the sheer charisma of Penelope, there’s something for everyone.

9. Mayro – 270k subscribers

Who is Mayro?

Sossie, known online as Mayro, is a Welsh YouTuber born on February 16, 2002. She started her YouTube channel on July 3, 2016, and now has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

While her main content is Super Mario gaming videos, she earlier used the ‘marionose1‘ channel for Mario game music remixes. Her remastered OST from “Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story” was notably well-received.

Mayro’s Influence

While Mayro usually posts about mario related topics, she occasionally uses her platform to talk about her experiences as a trans woman. By discussing her transition from using they/them pronouns to identifying as a trans woman, she provides insight and understanding for her viewers on transgender topics.

Mayro’s Content

Mayro’s main content is Super Mario games, especially ROM hacks and challenges. One standout video is “Can you beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii WITHOUT PRESSING LEFT?“.

She also manages other channels, such as ‘Special Mayro‘, offering a mix of short reactions and gameplay without commentary.

10. Jay Exci – 500k subscribers

Who is Jay Exci?

Jay Exci is a British YouTuber who is known for posting film and television reviews, analysis videos, and commentary on popular media. She is trans and describes her gender as “not boy idk,” and uses the pronouns “he/they/she.” She goes by Jaina and uses she/her among friends. She has over 500,000 subscribers and 85 million views on her YouTube channel.

Why her Content is Important 

Her videos are well-researched and thought-provoking, encouraging viewers to think critically about the media they consume. She is also an advocate for transgender rights and has spoken out against transphobia. Her videos have helped to raise awareness of transgender issues and have given a voice to transgender people.

What content does she make 

Jay Exci’s content primarily analyses works from many different forms of media, with most of her recent work involving analysis and review of recent TV shows and movies, though she also critiques major YouTube trends on occasion. Her channel was originally titled CinemaSinsSins, and focused on pointing out errors in CinemaSins videos. The biggest project she has ever made is the video The Fall of Doctor Who, a 5-hour video essay on the Chibnall era of Doctor Who.

Jay Exci is also a member of the Every Frame A Pause podcast, which discusses film analysis. She is also a fan of the rhinoceros and has a “fursona” (a fictional animal representation of herself) that is a rhino. She is blocked by Hasan Piker on X (formerly Twitter) because she criticized him for reacting to her videos without adding any content himself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why representation on YouTube important?

A: Trans representation on YouTube is important because it allows marginalized communities to have a voice and be seen. It helps combat misconceptions, prejudices, and stigmas that the trans community faces in society. It also fosters empathy, understanding, and acceptance among a broader audience.

Q: How does accurate and positive trans representation on YouTube make a difference?

A: Accurate and positive trans representation on YouTube plays a significant role in validating the identities and experiences of trans individuals. It helps combat stereotypes and misconceptions by presenting trans people with dignity, depth, and authenticity. This representation demystifies the trans experience and fosters empathy, understanding, and acceptance among viewers.

Q: What impact have trans YouTubers like ContraPoints, PhilosophyTube, and Ty Turner had on their audience?

A: Trans YouTubers have had a profound impact on their audience. They have provided education, support, and inspiration for individuals grappling with their own gender identity. Many viewers credit these YouTubers with helping them better understand themselves and navigate their own journeys. The positive influence of these YouTubers has led to increased empathy, awareness, and acceptance of the trans community.

Q: Can trans YouTubers influence viewers who may not be part of the LGBTQ+ community?

A: Absolutely. Trans YouTubers, such as ContraPoints, PhilosophyTube, and Ty Turner, have the ability to impact viewers who may not be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Their authentic and informative content creates bridges for understanding and empathy. Through their storytelling, they can educate, challenge biases, and provide insights that promote inclusivity and acceptance among a diverse audience.

Q: Are there trans YouTubers who focus on specific topics or niches?

A: Yes, there are trans YouTubers who focus on specific topics or niches. For example, Jammidodger and Mathilda Högberg focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content while offering insight into their experiences as trans individuals. Mayro and Leadhead primarily create content related to video games, with a mix of entertainment, commentary, and personal experiences. Each YouTuber brings their unique perspective and expertise to their specific niche.

Q: How can trans YouTubers positively influence the trans community?

A: Trans YouTubers positively influence the trans community by providing representation, validation, and a sense of community. Their personal stories, advice, and educational content can inspire and empower individuals navigating their gender identity. Trans YouTubers create safe spaces for dialogue, support, and self-acceptance within the community and help to break down barriers and stigma associated with being transgender.

Q: Can trans YouTubers help educate people who are uninformed about trans issues?

A: Definitely. Trans YouTubers like ContraPoints, PhilosophyTube, and Ty Turner have played a crucial role in educating people who may be uninformed or have misconceptions about trans issues. Through their informative, approachable, and well-researched content, they break down complex topics, provide perspective, and help viewers develop empathy, understanding, and respect for the trans community.

Q: How can I support trans YouTubers and their work?

A: To support trans YouTubers and their work, you can subscribe to their channels, engage with their content by liking, commenting, and sharing their videos. Consider supporting them on platforms where they may offer additional content or merchandise. It is essential to respect their identities, pronouns, and boundaries. By amplifying their voices, you can help create a more inclusive and accepting online community.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎