13 Best Couple Channels on YouTube in 2023

Are you looking for some fun and inspiring couple channels on YouTube? Do you want to see how other couples navigate their relationships, challenges, and adventures?

What makes these couples so special is that, unlike most traditional celebrities, YouTube couples are more transparent and share all the good and bad times with their audience, not just the joyful moments.

In this article, We’ll share with you 13 of the best couple channels on YouTube that you can watch right now.

Whether you’re single, dating, or married, these channels will give you a glimpse into the lives of different couples and how they make their life work. Let’s get started!

Top 13 couple YouTube channels you should follow

1. LoeppkysLife – 370K subscribers

“LoeppkysLife” offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of their charming family. The channel provides a cool mix of family adventures, parenting insights, and lifestyle content.

From the excitement and challenges of raising children to navigating the ups and downs of daily life, Delilah and Zachary offer an authentic and relatable portrayal of modern family life. Their openness and transparency create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making viewers feel like part of the family.

The channel also explores topics related to homeschooling, healthy living, and maintaining a balanced family life.

2. How To Renovate A Chateau – 385K subscribers

The channel is run by a couple who bought an 18th-century chateau in Normandy and renovated it.

They share their journey with videos on how they restored their mansion, showcasing the challenges, triumphs, and intricate details involved in bringing new life to a centuries-old architectural gem.

From the initial planning stages to the final touches, viewers are immersed in the world of renovation.

3. Sarah Therese – 1.2M subscribers

Sarah Therese is a lifestyle vlogger who shares her daily life experiences, challenges, and adventures with her husband. She makes different types of videos on her channel including beauty tutorials, fashion tips, home decor ideas, and more.

4. Rose and Rosie – 1M subscribers

Rose and Rosie are a British lesbian couple who share their daily life experiences, challenges, and adventures. It is the perfect YouTube channel if you want to watch Q&A sessions, challenges, travel vlogs, and more.

5. Jess and Gabriel – 3.2M subscribers

“Jess and Gabriel” is a popular and captivating YouTube channel that revolves around the lives and adventures of the talented duo Jess Conte and Gabriel Conte.

The channel primarily focuses on vlogs, music, and lifestyle content, offering a delightful blend of creativity, entertainment, and heartfelt moments.

Music plays a significant role on the channel, with Jess and Gabriel showcasing their remarkable singing abilities through beautiful covers, original compositions, and collaborations with fellow musicians.

6. Rachel & Jun’s Adventures! – 1.2M subscribers

This channel is about an American/Japanese married couple living in Japan who share their daily life experiences, travel adventures, food recipes, cat videos, and many more things!

7. Mr. Kate – 4M subscribers

This channel celebrates creativity, interior design, and self-expression.

Led by the charismatic and talented Kate Albrecht, the channel offers an amazing mix of home makeovers, DIY projects, lifestyle content, and inspirational transformations that empower viewers to embrace their personal style and create spaces they love, often with the help of her husband.

Each episode takes viewers on a creative journey as Kate explores different design themes, experiments with colors and textures, and incorporates unique elements to create visually stunning and functional spaces.

From eclectic and bohemian styles to minimalist and modern aesthetics, “Mr. Kate” offers a diverse range of design inspirations to suit various tastes.

8. Sailing La Vagabonde – 2M subscribers

Sailing La Vagabonde is an Australian couple who navigate around the world on their sailboat while sharing their travel adventures. Their channel features a wide range of videos including sailing tutorials, travel vlogs…

9. Austin and Lexi – 2.2M subscribers

This entertaining YouTube channel showcases the fun-filled lives of the charismatic duo Austin and Lexi. With their infectious energy, the channel offers a mix of vlogs, challenges, pranks, and adventures.

Join them on their exciting journey as they explore new places, engage in hilarious antics, and create lasting memories together.

10. Jinti Fell – 500K subscribers

Jinti and Chris are a vegan couple who live in a van with their three daughters. They travel around Australia and other countries, exploring nature, meeting new people, and living simply.

They share their experiences, tips, and insights on their channel.

11. Aspyn and Parker – 2M subscribers:

Aspyn and Parker are a married couple who live in Utah with their 3 daughters. They are both entrepreneurs who run their own businesses and brands. They share their home, work, travel, and family vlogs on their channel.

12. Slice n Rice – 1.8M subscribers

Slice & Rice is a delightful YouTube channel run by the engaging couple, Glory Kim and Matt Slice, who blend humor, culture, and relationship themes in their content.

Their videos feature comedic sketches and challenges that explore and celebrate their diverse backgrounds, Matt being African-American and Glory being Korean. Beyond just entertainment, their channel serves as a platform for cultural understanding and acceptance, harmoniously blending two distinct cultures while delivering laughs and garnering a substantial fan base.

13. The LaBrant Fam – 13M subscribers

Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas are a married couple who live in California with their four children: Everleigh (Savannah’s daughter from a previous relationship), Posie, Zealand, and Sunday.

They are both social media stars who share their faith, love, pranks, challenges, and family vlogs on their channel.

There you have it! 13 of the best couple channels on YouTube that you can watch right now. Whether you’re looking for some laughs, inspiration, or romance, these channels have something for everyone.

We could have also talked about famous YouTuber couples like PewDiePie and Marzia or Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams, but they all have separate channels!

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Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎