How to Review YouTube Channels

how to review YouTube channels

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube, creators and viewers alike have felt the ripple effects of changes to the platform. One such change that sparked conversations worldwide was the removal of the visible dislike count.

While this decision was made to support creators and curb harassment, it had the unintended consequence of diminishing the feedback loop for viewers. If you want to know more about this, read our article on the YouTube dislike removal.

Without the public dislikes metric, how can one assess the overall sentiment towards a video or a channel at a glance? Fortunately, there are still ways to express and find reviews about YouTubers, and we’re here to guide you through it.

The Best Places to Review YouTubers:

If YouTube isn’t the right place to get audience consensus on a Youtuber’s content or leave your own opinion, then why not try one of these options?

In no particular order:

1. Reviewing YouTubers on

Enter Favoree, a dedicated platform that lets viewers review their favorite (or not-so-favorite) YouTubers. Much like the way movie enthusiasts rate films on IMDB, on Favoree, you rate YouTubers on a scale of 1-5.

Additionally, you can pen down a written review that provides context to your rating. This written review is visible to everyone, allowing for a deeper understanding of a YouTuber’s impact or potential areas of improvement.

If you stumble upon a review that resonates with you, give it a thumbs up. And for those keen on diving deeper into all things Favoree, there’s a dedicated Discord and Reddit community where discussions are always welcome.

How to leave a review on Favoree:

Step 1: Create an account by pressing the Sign up Button on

Step 2: Find the Channel you would like to review by either looking up their Channel Name on the Search bar, or by heading to Channels and using the many filters provided. If you want to find new YouTube channels you are interested in, we also wrote an article to help you discover creators you don’t already know.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the channel you’re looking for just scroll down to the Community Reviews Section and leave your review!

If the YouTuber you’re trying to review is not yet listed on Favoree, head over to this link to request for the YouTuber to be added.

2. Reddit: The Forum for Detailed Feedback

Outside of Favoree, Reddit stands out as a pivotal place for intricate discussions on YouTubers.

Subreddits dedicated to specific creators or genres allow viewers to dissect videos, share opinions, and get a broader perspective. It’s an excellent place to discover both the praised and the criticized aspects of YouTube channels.

How to Write a Good Review on a YouTuber

Reviews about YouTube channels should be written the same way as book or movie reviews

Reviews, when done right, can be more than just feedback. They can be a guide for potential viewers and even a tool for creators looking to improve. But what separates a good review from a hasty comment? Here’s a breakdown of what to consider when writing a review for a YouTuber:

1. Start with Objectivity

While it’s natural to have personal biases, it’s vital to approach a review with a fair mindset. Begin by acknowledging the content’s positives before mentioning areas that could use improvement. This balanced perspective ensures your review is not dismissed as mere negativity or unwarranted praise.

2. Be Specific

General statements like “I loved it” or “It was terrible” lack depth. Dive into the details. Was the editing crisp? Was the pacing off in some segments? Were the arguments well-researched? Pointing out specific elements adds credibility to your review and provides clear feedback.

3. Avoid Personal Attacks

Remember, you’re reviewing the content and not the content creator. Criticize the work, not the person behind it. Personal attacks or derogatory comments undermine the validity of your review and don’t offer constructive feedback.

4. Provide Context

Sometimes, your perspective can greatly benefit from a bit of background. If you’re comparing the content to a previous video or another creator, clarify that. If you’re coming from a unique standpoint (e.g., a professional in the field being discussed), mention it.

5. Be Constructive

Instead of merely pointing out flaws, offer suggestions on how they can be addressed. This constructive approach not only shows that you’ve put thought into your review, but it can also be genuinely helpful for creators looking to refine their content.

6. Revisit Before Submitting

Before hitting that ‘submit’ button, take a moment to re-read your review. Does it convey your thoughts effectively? Is it respectful, even when critical? Ensuring clarity and courtesy can make your feedback more impactful.

In essence, a compelling review is one that’s fair, detailed, and constructive. As you jot down your thoughts, remember that the goal isn’t just to express an opinion, but to contribute to a broader discussion about the content. Your insights can shape perceptions, so make them count!

The removal of YouTube’s dislike count has undoubtedly changed the feedback landscape. But with platforms like Favoree and active communities on Reddit, viewers are far from voiceless. Whether you’re looking to review, rate, or simply read about your favorite YouTube channels, there’s a space for you out there. Embrace the change and make your voice heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Favoree?

Favoree is a platform designed for reviewing and rating YouTube content. It allows users to share their opinions and experiences with various YouTubers, similar to how movie enthusiasts rate films on popular platforms. Through written reviews and ratings, Favoree helps viewers evaluate the quality and impact of YouTube channels.

What are some platforms where I can review YouTube content?

The most popular platforms to review YouTube content are Favoree and Reddit. Favoree is a platform that is specifically made to be a hub for YouTuber reviews, while Reddit is known for its active community and diverse discussions. Reddit hosts numerous subreddits dedicated to specific YouTubers or genres, providing a space for viewers to express their thoughts, delve into detailed analyses, and share their opinions on different channels.

What other features does Favoree offer?

In addition to reviewing and rating YouTube channels, Favoree offers several other features to enhance your experience. One notable feature is the ability to filter channels based on specific criteria. This provides a convenient way to discover content that aligns with your interests and preferences. Furthermore, Favoree allows you to find similar channels, enabling you to explore new creators and expand your YouTube viewing repertoire.

How can I find reviews on Reddit?

Finding reviews on Reddit is quite simple. By visiting the relevant subreddit dedicated to a particular YouTuber or genre, you can find detailed discussions, opinions, and reviews shared by the community. Engaging in these conversations allows you to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the YouTube content you are interested in. Remember, Reddit serves as a valuable resource for discovering both positive and critical viewpoints on various channels.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! ๐Ÿ”Ž

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! ๐Ÿ”Ž