Top 14 Vegan YouTube Channels in 2023

Are you getting serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) from the plant-based trend? Are you struggling to cook anything more advanced than a bean stew? Have no fear! We’ve got the remedy!

You are not alone, according to The Vegetarian Resource Group, in 2022, about 6% of the U.S. population declared themselves vegans. They also estimated around 15% of the population is already flexitarian.

Interested in being part of this revolution? Here are the top 16 vegan YouTube channels to start you off!

1. Cheap Lazy Vegan – 0.8M subscribers

Rose champions the cause of accessible and budget-friendly vegan living, with delicious and simple recipes that don’t require you to break the bank or spend all day in the kitchen.

2. Gaz Oakley – 1.6M subscribers

Gaz combines his professional culinary skills with a flair for creativity, crafting delectable vegan dishes that could give any fine dining restaurant a run for their money.

3. Yeung Man Cooking – 1.1M subscribers

Yeung adds an interesting spin to veganism by incorporating Asian culinary traditions, showcasing how popular dishes can be recreated to be fully vegan without losing their authenticity or flavor.

4. Thee Burger Dude – 0.3M subscribers

This burger aficionado will make you rethink your opinion on vegan burgers. With a smorgasbord of recipes that result in juicy, delicious, and entirely plant-based burgers, this is a must-watch for any burger lover.

5. Sauce Stache – 0.6M subscribers

Get ready for a flavor adventure with Sauce Stache. This experimental kitchen wizard creates innovative and tantalizing vegan recipes that bring the fun back into cooking.

6. Earthling Ed – 0.5M subscribers

An outspoken advocate for animal rights, Ed’s content provides a thought-provoking look at the ethical and moral arguments for veganism, all supported by well-researched information.

7. Pick Up Limes – 4.1M subscribers

Sadia’s channel is your one-stop shop for minimalist, nourishing vegan recipes, lifestyle hacks, and scientifically-supported nutrition tips, all presented in a calm and soothing style.

8. Radhi Devlukia – 0.5M subscribers

Marrying the concepts of spirituality and veganism, Radhi offers a unique blend of mindful cooking, Ayurveda-inspired recipes, and wellness tips to nurture both body and soul.

9. Good Eatings – 90K subscribers

Malin’s holistic approach to veganism includes wholesome, seasonal recipes, sustainability practices, and lifestyle vlogs to inspire a compassionate and healthy life.

10. Rainbow Plant Life – 1.1M subscribers

With a love for color and diversity, Nisha crafts flavorful vegan dishes that will tickle your palate and brighten your plate, truly embodying the joy of plant-based eating.

11. Unnatural Vegan – 250K subscribers

This channel breaks away from the mainstream vegan narrative, providing critical reviews of vegan products, busting common vegan myths, and creating a platform for nuanced, well-informed discussions about veganism.

12. Weird Explorer – 330K subscribers

This channel is veganism’s version of an adventure quest, traversing the globe to discover and sample rare fruits and unique plant-based foods from different cultures.

13. Sweet Potato Soul – 0.7M subscribers

Jenné Claiborne brings the soul into vegan cooking, offering comforting, nourishing recipes infused with love and a focus on holistic well-being.

14. The Happy Pear – 0.5M subscribers

Twin brothers Stephen and David are on a mission to create a happier, healthier world, sharing their infectious enthusiasm for vegan cooking and wellness through their lively and engaging content.

Your Vegan YouTube Journey Begins Here!

No matter your culinary proficiency, these vegan YouTubers cater to everyone from the curious omnivore to the seasoned vegan. So put on your apron and dive into the vibrant world of vegan cuisine. Who knows? You may find your culinary skills growing at peas with your expanding YouTube subscription list!

And if you want to discover what other people think about these YouTube channels, check the reviews of these channels on Favoree!

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎