13 Best YouTube Channels about Speedrunning

In recent years, the concept of speedrunning, which involves completing a game or a specific segment as fast as possible, has gained tremendous popularity on YouTube. The surge in viewership surrounding speedrunning has encouraged more and more channels to create various content on this topic.

This type of challenge has now gathered a thriving community comprising hundreds of channels. From comprehensive documentaries that explore the history of speedruns to creators showcasing mind-boggling glitches and record-breaking runs, we have put together this guide to the best YouTube channels to make your search easier.

1. Summoning Salt – 1.6M subscribers

Summoning Salt is a channel dedicated to the history and analysis of speedrunning records and milestones. Through well-researched documentaries, Summoning Salt explores the evolution of various video game speedruns, providing meticulous exploration of records and intriguing insights into the world of competitive gaming.

2. Karl Jobst – 850K subscribers

Hello you absolute legends! Karl Jobst’s channel focuses on video game analysis and discussing world records. Known for his detailed breakdowns and funny commentary, Karl provides an in-depth look into the strategies, glitches, and accomplishments of speedrunners in various games such as Mario or Minecraft. He is also well-recognized for his videos exposing cheaters and fake speedruns.

3. Any Percent – 88K subscribers

Any Percent offers an engaging exploration of the speedrunning community, featuring cheating scandals, behind-the-scenes footage, and discussions on game-breaking techniques. With a wide range of game coverage, Any Percent is a go-to channel if you want to learn more about this topic.

4. EZScape – 372K subscribers

EZScape provides informative and entertaining content related to speedrunning and its community. The channel features challenges, reactions, analysis, and highlights from notable speedrun events, offering a comprehensive view of the fast-paced world of records.

5. Games Done Quick – 1M subscribers

Games Done Quick showcases highlights from a popular charity gaming event that raise funds for various causes. Featuring incredible speedruns and entertaining commentary, this channel offers a front-row seat to some of the most impressive gaming feats while supporting charitable initiatives.

6. Lowest Percent – 400K subscribers

Lowest Percent explores the world of “low-percent speedruns“, where players attempt to complete games with the bare minimum of items or resources. Through informative videos and entertaining challenges, this creator provides a unique perspective on the art of minimalist gaming.

7. Bismuth – 200K subscribers

Bismuth offers insightful analysis, commentary, glitches and game-breaking exploits. With a focus on Nintendo games like Super Mario 64 or Mario Kart, Bismuth provides an entertaining and educational experience for viewers.

8. RUSH – Rapid Universal Speedrun Highlights – 10K subscribers

RUSH compiles and curates highlights from speedrunners around the world, showcasing the most impressive and jaw-dropping moments in speedrunning. From epic world records to mind-boggling glitches, this channel offers a glimpse into the fastest gaming achievements.

9. Apollo Legend – 300K subscribers

Apollo Legend delves into the darker side of the gaming community, covering topics such as cheating, hacking, and controversial events in the speedrunning world. With detailed investigations and thought-provoking discussions, he presents a different perspective on the pursuit of records.

10. SpeedDocs – 40K subscribers

SpeedDocs produces in-depth documentaries exploring the stories behind notable speedrunners, their journeys, and the games they master. With a focus on the human aspect of speedrunning, this creator brings to light the dedication, perseverance, and passion that drives these extraordinary gamers.

11. EazySpeezy – 2.5M subscribers

EazySpeezy is a channel dedicated to showcasing impressive speedruns and sharing insightful commentary on various games. With a focus on delivering high-quality content, EazySpeezy offers engaging gameplay footage, tips and tricks, and insightful discussions that appeal to both seasoned experts and curious gamers.

12. DarkViperAU – 1.3M subscribers

DarkViperAU’s channel is a treasure trove for fans of Grand Theft Auto V. Known for his dedication to completing the game’s story mode as fast as possible, DarkViperAU provides captivating commentary, strategy breakdowns, and thrilling attempts at setting new records.

13. HeyRosalinaSpeedruns – 530K subscribers

This creator centers around the Roblox game. Through informative and entertaining videos, she offers tutorials, record attempts, and insightful analysis of the game’s mechanics, making it a must-watch for Roblox fans.

These channels offer a variety of content for gamers and speedrunning enthusiasts, whether you’re interested in the history of speedruns, analytical breakdowns, entertaining highlights, or shortcuts discovery. And if you want to find more quality channels about video games like these ones, here is a list of 100 of the best channels about Gaming on Favoree.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎