6 Better Alternatives to Cocomelon on YouTube for Kids and Toddlers

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Children these days can quickly become addicted to channels like Cocomelon due to the overstimulating content.

While Cocomelon may be a favorite for many, there’s a world of other YouTube channels that can offer educational benefits and much-needed variety for both kids and parents.

If you’re looking for content similar to Cocomelon that will catch your kids’ attention while also being educational and more enjoyable for an adult to have on, you found the right article for you!

In this article, we explore some delightful alternatives to Cocomelon that provide entertaining and educational shows for your little ones.

1. Bluey

Bluey is more than just a kid’s show; it’s a breath of fresh air that even adults can enjoy. Unlike most children’s shows that seem solely written for kids, Bluey’s characters have a depth and realism that parents can relate to. Characters like the mom who still plays field hockey or the dad reminiscing about his “cool” days add layers to their personas beyond just being caretakers.

The interactions between the parents and children in Bluey are genuinely heartwarming. From playful imaginations to handling tantrums, the parents in Bluey depict an attainable and realistic family life.

With clever writing, dynamic characters, beautiful scenery, and the ability to teach both child and parent, Bluey is a hit! Whether it’s the tearjerker episode “Visiting Grandad” or the hilarious episode “The Pool,” the show resonates with parents and children alike. It’s no surprise if you find yourself still watching even after your child has moved on!

2. Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel is a wonderful YouTube channel that focuses on making accessible content for tiny kiddos learning how to talk and express themselves. With evidence-based educational techniques and catchy music, this channel is a must for parents seeking quality content. Ms. Rachel and her husband, both trained musicians, collaborate with Broadway singers to deliver enchanting melodies.

One of the commendable aspects of Ms. Rachel is her approach to sponsorships. She avoids long video ads and promotes toys you can easily find at the dollar store.

Her genuine effort to bring smiles to young faces makes her a beloved figure for many families. With earworm-y songs that can cheer up your baby, Ms. Rachel is indeed an Earth angel to many parents.

All of this being said, similarly to Cocomelon, Ms. Rachel too can be hard to have to listen to for extended periods of time as an adult.

3. Pablo

“Pablo” is an extraordinary series that focuses on a 5-year-old boy with autism. Using his magic crayons, he brings to life imaginary friends that accompany him on adventures. These adventures often mirror real-life challenges like going to the supermarket, making the content relatable for children on the autism spectrum.

What makes “Pablo” special is that the main cast and some script co-writers are all on the autism spectrum. Every episode is honest, humorous, and inspired by the real-life experiences of these children.

It’s a wonderful way to make children feel seen and understood, providing a unique perspective that’s both enlightening and entertaining.

4. Blues Clues & You

“Blues Clues & You” is a revamped version of the classic show that continues to be an engaging choice for young children. With fun puzzles and interactive storytelling, it encourages kids to think critically and creatively. The show’s vibrant colors and friendly host create an inviting atmosphere that makes learning enjoyable.

Building on the success of the original series, “Blues Clues & You” preserves the essence of what made it special, adding a modern touch. It’s an excellent option for parents looking for a blend of entertainment and education, encouraging active participation from their kids.

5. Little Einsteins

Available in full episodes on YouTube, “Little Einsteins” takes young viewers on thrilling educational adventures. With a blend of classical music, art, and real-world images, it’s designed to entertain and educate simultaneously.

Each episode of “Little Einsteins” invites children to explore different cultural and artistic landmarks around the world. By integrating interactive storytelling, the show engages children’s curiosity, encouraging them to learn about music, art, and geography. It’s an exciting alternative that fosters creativity and a global perspective.

6. Sesame Street

Sesame Street remains a classic entertainment option for kids, consistently delivering educational and engaging content. On their YouTube channel, full episodes, songs, and extra content are regularly uploaded, making it a treasure trove for young viewers.

The show’s diverse characters and engaging stories tackle important social and emotional lessons. Whether it’s learning the alphabet, numbers, or understanding feelings, Sesame Street’s content is tailored for growing minds. With decades of experience in entertaining and educating children, it’s no wonder Sesame Street continues to be a favorite for both new and returning audiences.


Q: Are all these Cocomelon alternatives suitable for toddlers as well as older kids?

A: Yes, most of the kids’ shows on YouTube listed here, like Bluey and Little Einsteins, are suitable for toddlers and can also be enjoyed by slightly older children. They are excellent educational alternatives to Cocomelon.

Q: Can I find shows similar to Cocomelon on platforms other than YouTube?

A: Many of the shows mentioned as alternatives to Cocomelon are available on various streaming platforms in addition to YouTube, providing flexibility for parents looking for educational content.

Q: Are these kids’ shows on YouTube free to watch?

A: All of these Cocomelon alternative shows offer free content on YouTube. They provide a variety of educational and entertaining options for children without any cost.

Q: How can I ensure that these Cocomelon alternatives are safe for my children on YouTube?

A: YouTube Kids is designed to provide a safer environment for kids, making it an ideal platform for accessing these Cocomelon alternatives. Parental controls on YouTube also help in ensuring content safety.

Q: What makes these shows good Cocomelon alternatives on YouTube for my kids?

A: These shows are excellent Cocomelon alternatives as they offer educational benefits and entertaining content that appeals to both kids and parents. From music and art to social lessons, they cover various aspects of child development.

Q: Can these Cocomelon alternatives on YouTube help in the educational development of my child?

A: Absolutely! These kids’ shows on YouTube, like Sesame Street and Pablo, focus on different educational aspects, making them valuable alternatives to Cocomelon for enhancing learning and development.

Q: Where can I find more information about these Cocomelon alternatives?

A: Official websites, YouTube channels, and parent forums are great resources to find detailed information about these kids’ shows on YouTube. These platforms will guide you in selecting the best Cocomelon alternatives for your children.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎