16 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2023

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In the vast sea of YouTube stardom, a select group of creators have risen to extraordinary heights, capturing the hearts and attention of millions of viewers across the globe.

These digital powerhouses have amassed astonishing numbers of subscribers, solidifying their positions as the most subscribed YouTube channels.

The History of the Most-Subscribed Music YouTube channels over the years

In this article, we explore the stories behind the top 16 channels that dominate the YouTube landscape. From musicians and content creators to sports entertainment and global sensations, we delve into the diverse and fascinating world of these YouTube giants.

Please note that Music Artists and Music Labels have been removed from this list as this article focuses on video content. For an article on the most subscribed music artists head over to this article.

16: Dude Perfect – 60M Subscribers

Dude Perfect, the sensational YouTube channel, secures the 16th spot among the most subscribed channels with a whopping 59 million subscribers.

Known for their extraordinary variety of content, the group of five talented individuals brings endless excitement to their viewers. From thrilling treasure hunts and mind-blowing trickshots to wacky inventions, sketch comedy, and entertaining vlogs, Dude Perfect never fails to captivate their audience.

Comprised of Tyler “Beard” Toney, twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett “Purple Hoser” Hilbert, and Cody “Tall Guy” Jones, who were once college roommates, this dynamic group utilizes their camaraderie and creativity to deliver high-quality, action-packed videos.

15: Colors TV – 65M Subscribers

Colors TV, ranking as the 15th most subscribed YouTube channel with over 65 million subscribers, predominantly caters to an Indian demographic, offering a rich assortment of content reflective of Indian culture and entertainment.

The channel features a diverse range of shows, from dramas and reality shows to Bollywood movies, appealing to a broad spectrum of audiences. Its vibrant, compelling, and high-quality productions have not only solidified its popularity among Indian viewers but also attracted a global audience interested in the cultural richness of India.

The channel’s success underscores the growing global demand for diverse, quality content and its substantial subscriber base stands testament to its impactful presence in the world of online entertainment.

14: ChuChu TV – 68M Subscribers

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is the 14th most subscribed channel on YouTube with 68 million subscribers, offering vibrant animations and catchy tunes that are both educational and entertaining for young children.

The channel’s diverse content, including nursery rhymes and stories, appeals to families seeking quality child-friendly content, blending learning with fun.

The widespread use of smart devices with toddlers and the increasing demand for online kid-friendly content have contributed to the channel’s extensive reach and popularity.

13: Pinkfong Baby Shark – 70M Subscribers

Pinkfong Baby Shark has secured its position as the 13th most subscribed YouTube channel with 70 million subscribers, largely due to its globally renowned “Baby Shark Dance” video, which combines a catchy tune with colorful animations.

The channel specializes in vibrant and engaging content for children, featuring a variety of songs, dances, and educational videos. Its widespread appeal and the growing demand for child-friendly online content have fueled its substantial subscriber base, making it a leading entity in children’s entertainment on the platform.

The Baby Shark Dance is also the most viewed video on Youtube.

12: Zee TV – 73M Subscribers

Zee TV, with over 70 million subscribers, stands as the 12th most subscribed YouTube channel. It predominantly targets an Indian audience, offering a plethora of diverse and engaging content from various regions of India.

The channel provides a mix of shows, serials, and films in several languages, representing different genres like drama, reality, and entertainment. This diversity and cultural richness make it a popular entertainment choice among viewers seeking Indian content.

Zee TV’s consistent delivery of engaging and culturally resonant content has facilitated its continual growth in subscriber base and emphasized its widespread appeal and reach in the digital space.

11: 5-Minute Crafts – 80M Subscribers

Taking the 11th spot among the most subscribed YouTube channels, 5-minute Crafts has garnered an impressive following of 80 million subscribers. This channel has become a go-to resource for all things do-it-yourself (DIY).

With an extensive range of engaging and creative content, 5-minute Crafts provides viewers with a wealth of ideas to explore their creativity. From fun craft projects to clever life hacks, their videos offer inspiration and step-by-step instructions for various DIY endeavors.

10: Sony SAB – 85M Subscribers

Sony SAB channel, with its substantial subscriber base, secures its position as the 10th most subscribed YouTube channel, thanks to its diverse and engaging content.

This channel is particularly renowned for featuring full episodes of the popular TV shows “Baalveer” and “Baalveer Returns,” which are significant crowd-pullers, drawing a large viewer base from across the globe. These shows, known for their compelling narratives and high production values, are major contributors to the channel’s soaring popularity.

The availability of such popular content on YouTube allows fans to access their favorite shows with ease, enhancing viewer engagement and satisfaction. This convenient accessibility, coupled with the quality and diversity of the content offered, is instrumental in Sony SAB channel’s extensive reach and its achievement of the impressive milestone of 85 million subscribers.

9: Goldmines – 90M Subscribers

The Goldmines Telefilms channel has secured its position as the 9th most subscribed YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 90 million subscribers, due to its extensive and diverse collection of movie content.

This channel primarily focuses on offering a myriad of Indian movies, including Bollywood blockbusters and other regional films, which are often dubbed in various languages to reach a wider audience. The rich tapestry of genres and themes available caters to a vast array of preferences, providing something for everyone, whether they are seeking drama, action, romance, or comedy.

The accessibility to such a diverse range of cinematic experiences, coupled with dubbing and subtitling, draws in viewers from around the globe, seeking to experience the vibrancy and diversity of Indian cinema. The channel’s commitment to providing varied, high-quality content has played a pivotal role in its exponential subscriber growth and sustained popularity on the platform.

8: WWE – 97M Subscribers

Claiming the 8th spot among the most subscribed YouTube channels, WWE stands out as the only sports organization on the list, boasting an impressive 95.9 million subscribers.

The WWE YouTube channel perfect for wrestling enthusiasts and fans of sports entertainment. Offering a diverse range of content, the channel provides viewers with a variety of videos to indulge in.

From full matches featuring electrifying showdowns to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, captivating interviews, and even top 10 videos highlighting the incredible athleticism of their athletes, WWE ensures that there is never a dull moment for its subscribers.

7: Vlad and Niki – 100M Subscribers

Vlad and Niki’s YouTube channel, holding the 7th position with 100 million subscribers, owes its massive success to its lively and relatable content featuring the playful adventures of the two brothers. The engaging mix of everyday scenarios and learning, embellished with colorful animations, appeals to both children and parents, meeting the growing demand for wholesome family-friendly content.

The prevalent use of smart devices among toddlers has further fueled the channel’s expansive reach and popularity in the children’s entertainment sector on YouTube.

6: Like Nastya – 105M Subscribers

Like Nastya claims the 6th place on the list of the most subscribed YouTubers for her engaging, child-friendly content, featuring creative videos that explore playful themes and educational lessons. The Like Nastya Team’s vibrant and interactive storytelling, combined with colorful visuals, captivates both young audiences and their parents, offering a blend of learning and entertainment.

The high demand for children’s content online and the common use of smart devices have significantly boosted Like Nastya’s popularity and subscriber base, establishing her as a prominent figure in children’s entertainment.

5: Pewdiepie – 110M Subscribers

PewDiePie, the former ruler of YouTube, now sits at the #4 position among the most subscribed YouTubers, boasting an impressive following of over 110 million subscribers. Known for his versatile content, PewDiePie keeps viewers entertained with a mix of engaging commentary and vlog-style videos.

Throughout his YouTube journey, he has undergone multiple content transformations, showcasing his ability to evolve and keep his audience hooked.

PewDiePie has been stuck around the 110 million subscriber mark for a while as many of his older fans don’t appreciate his current content anymore, this is very visible on his Favoree page as well where he has been rated as one of the worst YouTubers on the platform.

4: Kids Diana Show – 115M Subscribers

The Kids Diana Show is the 4th most subscribed channel on YouTube due to its appealing blend of entertaining and relatable content for children. The channel features a variety of videos, with young Diana engaging in creative play, exploring educational themes, and interacting with colorful animations. This accessible content caters to young audiences and their parents, offering entertainment along with moral and everyday learning experiences.

The surge in demand for child-friendly digital content and the widespread use of smart devices among families have bolstered the channel’s popularity and subscriber base, making it a preferred option for young viewers.

3: SET India – 163M Subscribers

Boosted by a stellar lineup of TV shows, serials, and reality programs, Set India levels up as the third most subscribed channel on YouTube with a whopping 160 million followers. This channel truly knows the game of entertaining the diverse audience of the Indian subcontinent.

2: Cocomelon – 165M Subscribers

Nursery Rhymes is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels, owing to its engaging and educational content for young children. The channel’s colorful animations and catchy tunes resonate well with toddlers and preschoolers, providing both learning and entertainment.

The widespread use of smart devices and the high demand for kid-friendly digital content have significantly contributed to Cocomelon’s immense popularity and substantial subscriber base, making it a go-to resource for parents seeking constructive entertainment for children.

1: MrBeast – 185M Subscribers

In the huge YouTube landscape, MrBeast reigns supreme as the largest YouTuber, boasting an astonishing 165 million subscribers.

This number doesn’t even account for his numerous secondary channels, highlighting the immense reach of his content.

MrBeast has carved a unique niche for himself by creating extravagant game-show-style videos, where he gives away millions of dollars in captivating spectacles. His videos are a testament to his commitment to delivering engaging and thrilling content to audiences of all backgrounds.

Going beyond YouTube, MrBeast has expanded his empire by launching his own chocolate brand, his own fast food joint (which is now discontinued) and his own non-profit helping people in need. With a global approach, he dubs his content into 11 different languages, ensuring a wider reach and inclusivity.

MrBeast’s influence extends even further as he collaborates with some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the most subscribed YouTuber?

A: As of now, the most subscribed YouTuber is MrBeast, with a staggering 185 million subscribers. His captivating and philanthropic content has garnered a massive following worldwide.

Q: Are there any musicians on the list of most subscribed YouTube channels?

A: There are several musicians who have made their mark among the most subscribed YouTubers. Ed Sheeran, Marshmello, Eminem, Justin Bieber, and BTS (BANGTANTV) all rank high on the list, showcasing the global influence of musicians on the platform.

Q: Is there any non-music content among the most subscribed YouTube channels?

A: While musicians dominate the list, there is also a wide range of non-music content. Channels like Dude Perfect offer thrilling challenges and entertaining vlogs, while 5-Minute Crafts provides creative DIY projects and life hacks. Even the WWE, a sports entertainment organization, has secured a spot among the top channels.

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists? Let us know! 🔎

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists?

Let us know! 🔎